Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mom Stripes

Put aside the skinnies - I'm a 'Mom' jean lover now!

I've always been a skinny jean lover. My wardrobes packed with skinny Joni Topshop jeans and every time Saturday rolls around I pull out a pair, it's just so easy! But, I decided it was time to try something new...

I'd been admiring Topshops Mom jeans for a while and I always think they just look so great - but I was worried that the style just wouldn't suit me. Basically I was distressed that I wasn't 'cool' enough to pull them off! But I went for it aaaaaaaand I love them woo!

I actually think the cut is really flattering! They pull you in at the waist and give you such a lovely shape. Plus I think they make my non-existent bum look alright, if I do say so myself! I was worried about them being kind of too 'baggy' and not sit right, but they just fit perfectly. Plus a lovely lady in a shop one day stopped me to compliment them - I mean, winning!

My favourite thing to wear with them is a striped breton top - obviously. I love the red stripes and the classic top with the denim. It just works. I also always wear a big buckled belt just to pull in the waist and break it up. It's just the perfect look.

Another thing I love just though is my new trench coat. I mean just look at it, it's a thing of beauty! I'd wanted to get a trench coat for aaaaaages. I mean it's just a chic classic that everyone needs. They'll never go out of style and this is definitely something that I'll wear forever and ever and ever.... or until it literally falls apart.

I've seen cute little scarves all over instagram lately, so decided to give it a go. This one is probably a bit too long than the ones I liked. But, I actually quite like it a bit bigger! It gives it a bit of a different look that I think works in a really nice way. Plus the vintage silk vibe looks perfect with a classic breton top.

Red lips and voila - ready for brunch!

Basically I love my new Mom jeans and I think they're going to be my new favourite weekend staple!

Trench coat - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Top - New Look
Scarf - Primark 
Shoes - Primark 


  1. Beautiful outfit and gorgeous photos! I LOVE your MOM jeans, they look stunning on you!

    El xxx


  2. I wouldn't normally got for Mom jeans but this pair look great on you - really flattering <3

    Gisforgingers xx