Sunday, 22 May 2016


Back when it was sunnier and I wore my new favourite dress!

Timehop took me back to a year ago when I went to the wonderful Crabtree and Evelyn Garden Celebrations event. Ooooh and it was just lovely! I learnt so much more about Crabtree as a brand and was so surprised by the amount of amazing things they offer. As well as beautiful beauty products there was also some tasty treats on offer - oh my goodness I'm remembering the Wild Blueberry and Lavender Preserve - and stunning perfumes in the prettiest bottles (seen here!)I'm going to be popping back to Crabtree soon that's for sure!

I love fresh flowers dotted about the flat and tulips have been blooming everywhere lately. I adore the colours of the yellow and orange/red together, they just make me smile when I come in. But boo, they started to fade - I'll just have to buy myself another bunch I guess...

Oooooh my goodness how amazing was the weather a wee while ago! Oh it was just so warm and sunny and summery! When the sun comes out it just puts everyone in a better mood and spreads smiles over everyone's faces! And what's better than sunning yourself in the garden with a chilled bottle of fizz - cheers to the summer! More of this please Glasgow!

I haven't done a little fashion post in a while and had this one sitting waiting patiently. I absolutely adore this New Look dress aaaaand I found it for an absolute bargain. It's so comfy, but also amazingly flattering and it's just made perfect for me with stripes all other it. Looks great for no-so-warm-weather, but I also can't wait to wear it in sunnier climes.

Ok, so the sun disappeared, waaaah, and the rain came back. But doesn't mean I can't dream of the sunny days coming back and emptying bottles on the lawn....

I did my summer shopping this weekend! It just makes you so excited doesn't it! I've always loved a floppy beach hat - they just always look so glam and amazing, but I've never actually got one for myself. However, after seeing the slogan-stitched sun hats all ver instagram lately I decided I really needed one to pose by the pool in and I found this absolute gem in Primark in all places! I love it! Can't wait to be stretched out under the sun in it by the pool....

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