Thursday, 28 April 2016


Little treats and a throwback to a snowier time!

I was lucky enough to try out an LVL treatment on my lashes last week - and what a difference it made! I could immediately see a huge change in my eyelashes, they were bigger and bolder and just generally better without a smidge of mascara on. I'm so excited to write up all about them and share it with you guys, so you know the drill, eyes peeled!

And then our old friend Friday rolls on by! I was looking forward to relaxing, catching up on a stack of Elle magazines and a chilled glass of white while I waited on my little sister arriving!

We had a Friday night filled with burgers, chocolate and Frozen - I mean can you get any better - before me and my sister jumped on the train and headed to Troon to meet the boys who had played a game of golf in the morning. We found the sweetest of cafes, Silver Spoon Teaspoon. I just couldn't resist the vintage crockery and we filled up our teacups and picked up a slice of cake, gingerbread for me.

Refuelled on earl grey we headed for a walk along the beach. I'm not going to lie to you the wind was damn chilly, but we promenaded along the seaside before our tummies started rumbling again and fish n' chips were in order.

I just could never get round to writing this post, but I'm so glad I did as it was really a special evening! You might remember that I went skiing a while back and whilst we were there we had a really special mountain meal. We made our way up the slopes in the starlit night on a piste-basher, before dining in an alpine restaurant perched high up in the mountains - such an amazing experience!

Cosy home corners are my favourite thing and I've been loving tulips at the moment. The yellow and orange really brighten up a room and make you smile, plus I find that they last for ages!

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