Thursday, 16 April 2015

REVIEW: Body Jewellery Shop

I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely earrings from Body Jewellery Shop  and EtailPR.

Body Jewellery Shop specialise in all sorts of ear piercings - from auricle piercings to faith piercings - as well as other body jewellery - think nose piercings and belly buttons, amongst so many more! All the jewellery is really unique and one-of-a-kind and you could scroll for hours and hours through the huge - and I mean really HUGE - selection, delighting minute after minute at all the little gems that you find! There is pretty much every design you could imagine and page upon page of an unlimited amount - it's a treasure trove in its own right. And best of all they are super affordable, ideal if you're like me and like to hoard shiny, pretty things. They also stock nail varnishes, some amazingly creative false eyelashes, as well as a sprinkling of fancy dress in there - it's a proper little Aladdin's cave.

I only have my ear lobes pierced (maybe it's time I was more adventurous!) so I was sent three pretty little ear studs.

They are all really simple, elegant and sophisticated. I've found that I've been wearing finer, simpler jewellery a lot more lately, so they were perfect for me! They are really easy to wear everyday for work, or can add a bit of sparkle to a casual jeans and tee look. Saying this, studs also work really well with big, statement necklace as your ears still feel dressed - but aren't distracting from the main event, just complimenting it! They are really understated and beautiful, all shiny and really clear and I'm sure I'm going to be wearing them loads!

(Left) AB Glitter Stud Earrings - £1.99 -  these are gorgeous little sparkly gems. I think they'll look great with a casual outfit, adding something extra to an otherwise basic outfit. I'll be pairing them with grey marbled t-shirts, jeans and pretty ballet pumps, letting the glitter add a sprinkling of something special.

(Centre) Jewelled Square Blue - £1.99 - how lovely is this colour of blue! The aquamarine is like tropical seas that you just want to float away to and this is why they are one of the best colours for summer. I've got a gorgeous gem pendant that my Gran got me on one of her adventures, that's almost the exact same shade. I'll be pairing the two pieces with a coral maxi dress for pretty summer nights.

(Right) Jewelled Small Round Gem Clear - £1.99 - these little gems are so shiny and clear and despite being cute, teeny studs the bright shine definitely stands-out. I've been wearing these loads as they're so easy to pop on in the morning and, they without a doubt, look waaaaaaaay more expensive than their bargain price!

I've got my eye on the Stainless Steel Star Earrings next. Thanks again to Body Jewellery Shop and EtailPr - I love my little gems!

**** This product was sent to me for review purposes

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