Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Daffodils and Giggles

I was so pleased when I got the chance to wear my beautiful oversized delight and my stunning yellow beads - and the yellow daffodil companions just stretched my smile even wider.

You may recognise my necklace and jumper from my recent Shopping Edit and this was the first chance I got to wear them on the long Easter weekend. I headed down to join my Mum at my Grans in the pretty Peak District. We spend Friday wandering round the local garden centre at Chatsworth and musing over knick knacks in gift shops.

I adore these pattern trousers, I got them for a really decent price in H&M. They always have loads of amazing patterned trousers, however I do find that once you have them on for a couple of hours they start sagging at the knees and lose their shape. I just make sure I wash and iron them regularly and it keeps them a bit more tight-fitting. Despite this though you can't help but feel a little sparkle of glee at the gorgeous speckled navy and white pattern. It's like white blossoms floating down from Spring trees - lovely.

It's hard to go wrong with a jumper-collar-necklace combination and that's exactly what I opted for layering the fine-knit jumper on top of a trusty denim shirt and adding a beautiful beaded statement necklace.

The sun wasn't shining yet so the yellow necklace brought a bit of much needed colour to the day - and it matched the blooming daffs! I tend to stick to fine jewellery, but I do enjoy a statement necklace every now and again. It makes me feel like I've put it a bit more effort, rather than throwing on my normal jewellery-uniform. This yellow one brings to life an otherwise fairly simple colour palette and I think I'll hunt for a clutch bag in just the same shade to do the same thing!

Fine-knit jumpers are great for this time of year, as they offer a lovely soft coating of warmth for chillier morning, but aren't too heavy and chunky like winter knits. This one is a big oversized draping of gloriousness. The shoulders fall down your arms and the trapeze-like shape swirls around you. It's the perfect comfort item for drizzly days.

Mother Buchanan was the appointed blog photographer this time and all she did was reduce me to a few explosion of giggle as she danced about shrieking "pose!" Doesn't make for the most 'fashiony' photos...

When can I start venturing out without a big woollen, winter jacket? Soon please?

It was still quite chilly so I wrapped up in my favourite winter jacket. I like to save this one for weekend adventures and treat days for looking lovely and avoid wearing it everyday to battle the elements on my walk to work. This is mainly because of the really light, pretty pink/grey colour that gets mucky so easily! (It could probably do with a dry clean...) And well the big balloon sleeves make carrying my overflowing, heavy work bag more difficult... But isn't it lovely anyway!

Jacket - French Connection 
Jumper - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Brogues - River Island 
Necklace - H&M

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