Saturday, 23 August 2014

REVIEW: Bootea

I'd heard a whole lot about Bootea so thought it was about time I tried it for myself!

After seeing so much about Bootea all over Twitter and other online persuasion platforms I hmmm'd and haaa'd about trying out Bootea for ages. It wasn't weightloss that I was specifically looking for, but after a rather indulgent few weeks I felt like I was definitely carrying a few extra pounds, but I more felt like I just wanted a good ol' cleanse to leave me feeling a little bit better. Eventually I caved and ordered a box of the 14 Day Teatox.

The 14 Day pack comes with two sets of teabags, the Daytime one and the Bedtime one. And it's easy peasy lemon squeezy. All you have to do is remember to drink one mug of Daytime tea everyday and every second day before lights out drink a mug of the Bedtime tea - simples! All in all it offers an "intensive cleanse of the digestive system" aiming to leave you feeling more energised and motivated. Made with 100% natural ingredients it can be the ideal way to kickstart a healthier routine, or added in when you feel you need an extra wee nudge.

The Daytime blend claims to increase metabolism whilst also acting as an appetite suppressant, giving you the energy and motivation to exercise and it also helps you to avoid snacking or binge-eating. Every second night you also add in the Bedtime blend which will clean out your digestive system and prevent excess calories being stored as fat.

There is also an Eating Plan available on the website. I didn't follow the plan as I tend to eat pretty healthy during the week and don't generally have a massive appetite so didn't fully feel the need to cut-back on anything. I also did cheat a bit and ate meat during the teatox - not everyday, but I did try to eat healthier cuts and leaner meats such as turkey. I won't lie to you and one weekend I did indulge in some wine - which you should avoid. You don't have to follow the diet strictly - as I didn't - but Bootea recommend it so that you see maximal results.

While on the teatox I definitely noticed some differences. I felt a lot less hungry and the urge to snack really wasn't there at all. I also started a new exercise regime with the teatox, so it was maybe harder to tell what made the most difference, but with the tea I undoubtedly had more energy and motivation to go for a run.

By the end there was a definite difference. I try to avoid weighing myself and rather judge my weight on how my clothes are fitting. However, there was a weightloss, but for me it worked for my goals, as I felt more toned and a lot less bloated and all in all just a bit more comfortable.

I would recommend Bootea for anyone needing a bit of a boost.

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