Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Festival Days

We went on a little day out to the Fringe...

Edinburgh is absolutely buzzing this time of year and I popped through with a couple of friends (Riot 1 and Riot 2 as they're affectionately known.)

It was a full day out and sometimes the simplest outfit is the best. I wear this white top constantly and it's got a silky texture to it which makes it a bit more special than a plain white cotton tee. A pair of dark-wash denim jeans go with anything and are so easy to throw on with any outfit. And just to stay cosy, a pretty, pink, pastel cardigan is an essential.

It's all in the details with this outfit. The sandals are ones that I have pretty much worn everyday of the summer. The woven detail is perfect for sunny days out and they keep your feet nice and cool. I love a big statement necklace with a plain top and this one was a present and is perfectly girlie and gorgeous. It was perfect with a slick of Clinique, my new go to lip product, which I reviewed here. As for the piece de resistance - the hat! It's my favourite thing to finish off a simple outfit and makes it just a bit more special.

We wandered round Edinburgh, after we arrived off a packed train, it really is such a pretty city. The stone buildings and cobbled streets take you back in time and the history of the city is evident everywhere. However, it has been updated with performing 'Circus Firemen' and all kinds of street performers.

We had the right idea to book for lunch as the city is absolutely bustling, especially on a sunny, Fringe Saturday. We lunched at Grand Cru, not too far from Princes Street and had booked a table with 5pm and managed to save a few pennies with the deal they had on. The first bottle - of many - was sipped on as I ate chicken liver pate and then a green risotto, filled with asparagus, courgette, peas and sun-dried tomatoes. The portions were huge - as well as delicious - and we definitely got our moneys worth.

After setting ourselves up for the day we wander down the Royal Mile. Here you'll find loads of street performers, doing anything from acrobats to comedy. There's also so many people dressed up trying to attract you to all the different shows that are on during the festival.

We'd sort of gone for the close-our-eyes-and-point approach when it came to picking a show and ended up at Joz Norris over at one of the Underbelly venues. We wandered through the streets to the spot and it was an absolute delight when we found it. What is normally a University court was transformed with fake grass, hanging lanterns and purple cows. There was, of course, a bar on offer and we did, of course, enjoy a drink in the sunshine before going to see the show.

Afterwards we wandered back to some more venues to find some free shows. There are freebie shows all over the place and they can be a bit pot-luck, hit or miss. We went to one in a packed bar that had a whole load of different stand-up comedians. They all had a few minutes on the stage and did a wee routine before advertising their show. The were all pretty hilarious, but the only problem was just as you were really enjoying their act their time was up. But all in all it was great to see another show and some more comedy.

We then had another little walk around and I stopped taking pictures as more and more wine was consumed. There is so many amazing little spots and we camped out in a square filled with bars, stalls and fairy-lights before we stumbled back for the last train home.

Such a great day out and I fully recommend a Fringe visit to anyone.

Hat - Topshop
Top - Topshop 
Cardigan - H&M
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Primark
Jacket - Primark
Necklace - H&M


  1. Ah, I am so jealous you are at the Fringe this year - I want to be there so bad. I was asked to be in a show and have no idea why I turned it down!
    I love your outfit - so simple but chic!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. It was such a good day! Aww what a shame, that would have been amazing, but it's always great to enjoy it from the other side as well! Thanks, just such an easy outfit to throw on that still looks lovely xx

  2. I love hats at the moment. I bought a fedora this colour to this from h&m last week. They finish off an outfit perfectly and they definitely suit you xx

    1. I know isn't it a gorgeous colour and definitely really easy to wear. Thanks! I'm on the hunt for some more wintery ones now xx