Saturday, 30 August 2014

My Little Luxuries

There are so many things that make me smile and every day little luxuries are the best for keeping me feeling absolutely fabulous....

Ok, some I'm quite possibly one of the palest people around, I'm practically translucent really. But, like everyone else I do like a bit of colour every now and again. I feel so much better when I have a bit of tan on, it gives me a little confidence boost. I use L'Oreal Sublime Bronze and usually rub it on mixed with a touch of moisturiser at night time before I go to bed and by the morning it's had time to develop and I can wash the smell off. And hey presto, I can imagine I've been on a beach in St Tropez for a week, yaa!

An ideal way to relax is a lovely bubble bath, it just makes you feel a little bit special, throw in a bath bomb and put on some lovely tunes and it can be an amazing chill out, and when you take some time out to just relax it can feel like a little luxury! I also like smothering on a face mask to give me skin a good cleanse. One of my favourites is the Arran Aromatics one, have a wee read HERE and feel inspired.

Once I'm nicely bronzed-up there's nothing that perks up your mood like a bright lip. I've been collecting and hoarding lipsticks for quite a wee while now and have amassed a load of lovely colours. A bright lip cheers up any look and can add a much needed pop of colour to any outfit. With a red lip you feel like you can conquer the world and a burst of pink can be perfect. It's ideal when a gloomy mood needs lifted before you tackle the world outside.

One of the best things ever - putting on a warm, fluffy dressing gown on straight out the tumble drier, it pretty much doesn't get any better.

At the end of the day a little luxury for me is definitely a gorgeous smelling candle, and Arran Aromatics wins in face masks and candles! I reviewed my favourite one HERE. My wee sister nicknamed it 'making it night-time', it means it's finally time to wind down, draw the blinds and shut out the world outside, pop on a lamp and light a candle and chiiiiiiiiiiill. Couple with trashy TV - i.e the Kardashians or some delicious viewing - i.e The Great British Bake Off and the evening is sorted.

Back to beauty luxuries and another thing I love is a good body scrub, I reviewed a Lush one a while back, have a nosey HERE. And I loved it, a body scrub is great prep for a tan and amazing for making your skin feel indulgently soft. Once out the shower pop on some beautifully smelling moisturiser and your skin just feels a million times better.

On a weekend morning there's nothing better than a massive mug of tea in bed, flicking through the latest edition of Elle with the rain pattering on the window - siiiiiiigh.

A home manicure is another great way to introduce a little luxury into an average week. I rarely have nothing on my nails and a bit of something - be it bright, pastel or sparkly - can pull an outfit together. I love to get comfy on the sofa with a girly movie and take my time over them. I like to buff them to perfection, file them to the shape I like and use a hand polish to start off the indulgence off. I always use a base layer and the Rimmel one that I talked about HERE is still, in my eyes, the best. Colour-wise I'm not fussy and generally like all shades, but right now I'm looking for a a lovely pastel, lemony yellow.

Last off I love a good ol' teapot! You can't beat a lovely set of vintage tea-cups and I do love my little teapot collection - perhaps not a luxury as much as just a little something that makes me smile!

Now away and indulge yourself and enjoy some little luxuries!

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