Sunday, 18 October 2015


An amazing dress, complete with a little treat for y'all and lots of posts to get you ready for Autumn.

This month I was lucky enough to work with Boutique of Molly and soon their stunning 'Dora' Swing Dress arrived in the prettiest pink parcel. The lace-up detail is so on-trend this now and I styled it up with a plain black belt, just to pull it in at the waist a bit more, black-heeled boots and of course, pop a fedora on top!

I love Autumn. I like it when the weather gets a little chiller and you have to wrap up all cosy. And there's some essentials that you should really get your paws on. Think the comfiest of coats, moisturiser designed just for you, dark lips and blanket scarves. Of course, I gathered them all together for you and delighted over gorgeous Autumnal leaves!

Soon I was able to add a little update on to my Dora dress post - a discount just for you lovely lot! With the code KIRSTEN20 you can get 20% off anything from Boutique of Molly. And I mean, that LBD is a gem that you probs shouldn't miss out on.

I was throwing back to one of the loveliest weekends in Bern this week. We wandered around this pretty market, picking up ingredients for dinner that night. The little stalls are so adorable and the jam jars with patterned cloth lids are so quaint, they remind me of all the gorgeous patterned material you see in Provence. I love wandering round markets - there's always so many sweet little treasures to be found.

Next up was the ideal weekend outfit. It's simple really, a denim skirt, long-sleeved polo and a gorgeous navy coat and you're good to go! Sometimes it's your overlooked wardrobe staples that can make the perfect Autumnal outfit for a weekend of burger-eating and crunching over golden leaves.

Another great outfit to pull on at the weekend includes wellies! We popped out of the city and headed into the country for a weekend. On a cold and misty morning we wandered around the loch, feeling so good to be out the city! It was a stunning walk and I'll be sharing it with you soon for sure!

And what better way to finish a long country walk than a pint in the pub. It's days like these that make me wish weekend would stretch on and on and on....

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