Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn Essentials

I can't be the only person out there who kind of likes it when the weather starts to turn and the air takes on a little magical, frosty chill. It means it's time to snuggle up with hot chocolate and movies and time to layer up when you do head outside to crunch over orange and red leaves.

But what do you really need to prepare yourself for the perfect Autumn days...?

The Dressing-Gown Coat

I love this coat. It was a recent Primark find and I adore everything about it. When I took it home and paraded about the living room in it the BF did say, in all seriousness, "Oh I like it, but is it a dressing- gown or a coat." And that's what makes it so good. You feel like you're leaving the house wrapped up against the elements in an item that's normally reserved for mornings snuggled on the couch and eating nutella out the jar, the ultimate comfort item. This coat is a dream, you feel wrapped up and snuggly and like you could be walking along the Seine Autumnal leaves floating around you. The kind of 'brushed' texture also make it feel much more expensive than it is and a lot more luxurious than a fleecy dressing-gown. It's a winner.

The Black Ankle Boots

I know, I know, you've seen these a million times before in various OOTD posts, they were here, they popped up here, oh and here and not to forget one of my first ever posts! But I think this is just testament to how much I love them - and how easy they are to wear. A black ankle boot is the perfect accompaniment to black opaques, which take over my outfits come Autumn. And when they've got some serious gold adornment on them they're pretty much perfect. The gold buckles jingle as I walk and transform a plain black boot into your favourite piece of footwear ever. They perfect to add an edge to a pretty dress and tights, or for jaunts out for pumpkin-spiced-latte in an woolly-oversized knit and skinny jeans - they're a wardrobe saviour and staple.

The Magical Moisturiser

We all know we should look after our skin and moisturise everyday right? ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. I promise you, you really should! I love slathering my skin with a good moisturiser and you really shouldn't miss this step out, especially come Autumn when the biting winds and blasting central heating dry out your skin even more. The No7 Early Defence range is targeted at the skin of 20-35 year olds, perfecto! I've got the Day and Night Cream in a permanent spot in the bathroom and they "protect and boost young skin's natural defences to help it look younger for longer". I do really enjoy wearing them, they soak in easily and the daytime one is just a bit lighter, plus you only need a dap on your finger for each so they last ages. The night-time helps your skin recover, whilst the day protects your skin from daily stresses. Also I feel extra special with something designed just for me (and everyone else aged 20-35, but ya know).

The Blanket Scarf

This follows along the lines of the Dressing-Gown Coat in that it feels good to leave the house in anything that would also not be out of place snuggling on the sofa. A blanket scarf should be a ridiculously big bit of heaven that can envelop you in its cosy-ness. This was a find in Primark last year, but I've seen so many like it filling up the shops again. I love the tartan and houndstooth reversible design, and you basically can't go wrong with a bit of tartan in a scarf. It's big and fluffy and amazing. Sometime I just let it hang loosely around my neck, sometime I wrap it round and round, until it almost covers my whole face and I can grin away to myself in my cocoon of warmth and sometimes it's just good to throw over your shoulders and snuggle in like a real-life blanket. I need it pretty much from October through till March.

The Something Mustard

So as you all know I love yellow and mustard is kind of the Autumnal version of the Spring lemon yellows and the vibrant neon yellow of Summer. It matches Autumns colour palette wonderfully and you merge into the falling leaves that are swirling all about. It's a great long-line shape and sits beautifully. I also really want to layer it over a long-sleeved breton striped top, because, well mustard and stripes (or well just you know cos stripes and anything). Add anything mustard into your wardrobe - from a suede jacket, to gorgeous bag, it's just a wee gem of an Autumnal colour to pop into your outfits, and, well, it's pretty much yellow, so yaaa!

The Darker Lip 

A darker shade on your lips just looks all kinds of fabulous doesn't, it can take the simplest of outfits into something a little bit special and it makes you feel like you should be on the pages of some big glossy fashion mag. They make me think I've got this whole make-up thing down. The No7 High Shine Lip Crayons are just perfect. The crayon makes it really easy to apply and I think rather than a lip-stick it allows you to build the colour up and go as deep and as dark as you want. These two are 'Berry' and the thin one, 'Sultry Kiss' a really perfect deep purple colour and beautiful dark red. Autumn cries out for dark statement lips to make you look all mysterious and leave the best lipstick stains on your hot chocolate mug. (p.s this isn't a No7 sponsored post, just those damn money-off vouchers they give you are so addictive!)

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