Saturday, 24 October 2015

Escaping the City

Sometimes what you need is a weekend away from the bright-lights, a weekend to escape the hustle and bustle and a weekend to get some good ol' fashioned fresh air.

And last weekend that's exactly what we did.

I'm lucky enough to have a BF whose lovely family is happy to see us for the weekend as we escape the city and take a break in the countryside. We trundle up the road to Killin every so often and enjoy a bit of time in the country.

After lounging in front of the fire on Friday night we woke up lovely and refreshed, expecting crisp blue skies and a chilly autumnal day. Well, it was certainly chilly, but blue skies, well there just wasn't any quite yet and the village was cloaked in a chilly mist.

But, we decided to pull on the wellies, wrap ourselves up and head for a walk round the Loch.

I honestly could've taken a million photos.

The foggy day just added to the country appeal. The mist clung to the long grasses and transformed spider webs into magical decorations.

It was an enchanting atmosphere created by the misty air and you felt like you were trespassing into some secret fairy-glade. Or that you'd jumped into a Jane Austen novel and Mr Darcy was going to come striding through the moors.

Chilly Autumnal walks call for a jacket that is made for country-life and a Barbour jacket fits the bill splendidly. I've loved this outdoor essential ever since I got it back in April, the best bit being the fleecy-lined hand pockets for chilly finger - a god-send if you're always cold like me! Pull on a pair of wellies and then wrap a big blanket scarf around you, an Autumnal Essential (amongst a few other must-haves). And then you're all set to stroll along the muddy paths in the misty air.

We ambled along admiring the views and resting under the ancient trees, until we came back around to the path that led back into the village.

Soon we were back in the (relative) hubbub of the charming little visit and at the really stunning Falls of Dochart.

We made like tourists and scrambled over the rocks, posing for photos by the rushing water.

And how to finish a wonderful walk in the countryside - a pint in the local!

Jacket - Barbour
Scarf - Primark 
Jeans - Topshop 
Wellies - Hunter

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