Thursday, 1 October 2015

Croatia - Split

After spending the first half of the week relaxing on Hvar we headed over to Split for the rest of the holiday.

After a short ferry ride over we soon stepped off into the old city and trundled along, taking in the atmosphere until we found our home for a couple of days.

It didn't take us long and we soon headed out to explore.

Split is one of the oldest cities in the area and you can wander freely round the atmospheric old walls. The Roman ruins, ancient stone-walls and archways make it a very special place and it's got one of those lovely mysterious historical vibes to it. We never went into any of the places as you have to pay to see bits and pieces, but you can really get a feel for it just walking around as Diocletian's Palace tumbles itself round the old centre. It's beautiful how the modern city merges with the old and how the locals rush around the ancient stones on their daily routine.

It's the atmosphere in Split that really makes it stand out.

It's got this buzzing, amazing energy that's infectious. You can wander round the stone streets and it won't take you long to come across a busy, bustling square or stroll down the promenade by the sea and get swept up in the party atmosphere.

We found a little wine bar that we adored (of course) and would spend the early evenings sipping on local wines and watching the evening come to life. There was also a little stone square right outside our apartment, complete with it's own make-shift bar. They'd popped vintage, floral cushions on steps and set up gorgeous decorated tables so that you could sip on your take-away mojitos dancing along as they blasted out tunes.

It wasn't long before the last day of the holiday approached (nooooo!) and it was time to take another boat trip.

We headed out pretty early and the water was so calm, the boat slicing ripples through the surface as we dreamily sailed along to our destination. Some people snoozed to the lull of the boat, but I preferred to dangle my legs over the edge, gazing into the dazzling water, spotting fish as we cruised along.

It's a pretty heavenly way to start the day.

After about an hour or so we arrived at the Blue Lagoon - a.k.a paradise...

We spent the morning floating through crystal clear waters and lounging around admiring the simply stunning turquoise colour of the bay. It's one of those places that is just truly beautiful and absolute paradise. Included in the trip was lunch and we feasted on grilled fish that tasted simply amazing and so incredibly fresh.

It was absolute paradise and came to an end all to quickly. We soon bounced along the waves back to Split, ciders in hand, giggling as the salty spray tickled our feet.

Croatia was such an amazing place to visit - I'd recommend it to anyone! Can I book my flights back now please?


  1. This sounds absolutely amazing and a destination I wouldn't have thought of before reading this! I love being abroad and sitting outside with some wine xxx


    1. It really was amazing! I would recommend it to anyone, you should definitely try and go at some point! Haha wish I was sitting outside in the sunshine with some wine now!

      Thanks for reading lovely! x x