Sunday, 30 November 2014


I've been getting very excited about Christmas - counting down the days!

I felt very privileged to be a part of Pretty Green Tea's Career Inspiration series. The lovely Daisy is running a series all about helping get people motivated and inspiring them in their working lives. I work as a Marketing and Communications Executive with a company called Squareknot - but it wasn't an easy road. Hopefully my interview with Daisy can help inspire people who struggling to decide what to do after University, check it out HERE if you fancy a read.

I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TILL I GET TO GO BACK HERE! This is where I spend Christmas with my wonderful family. My parents have a place hidden high up in the mountains of Switzerland. Isn't is gorgeous? The snow-capped mountains and glistening, glittery trees make it the perfect winter wonderland where we spent the days skiing and the nights eating mince pies, drinking wine and playing cards. Is is the holidays yet?

I reviewed this amazing NKD SKN self-tan mousse, see what I had to say HERE. I absolutely loved it! It dried straight away, left a gorgeous bronzed colour to my skin and didn't have a nasty tell-tale smell - it was one of the most perfect tans I've tried. And it gets better - if you fancy some holiday-inspired skin you can get a massive 45% off NKD SKN with my unique code - LETTERS45 - it's soon to run out so make sure you make the most of it!

A wee #tbt to the first time I visited my parents new home in Switzerland. This is at the local brewery where the whole village gathers on a Friday evening and fill up their glasses from a tap directly from the brewery. People bring tankards down and sort themselves out for the weekend. Such a nice Friday tradition!

My first Christmas card arrived! Woooo!

There was a new blog post as well, Wandering Weekends. I donned my new favourite trousers, in a monochrome look with a splash of red and wandered through Glasgow Green until we reached People's Palace. We then spend a few hours immersing ourselves in the history of Glasgow and searching for bananas as the rain knocked on the glasshouse. Have a wee read HERE.

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