Thursday, 27 November 2014

Wandering Weekend

While a way a Saturday exploring the city...

My sister is a bit of a history geek and she won't mind me saying so, therefore when she came to visit we decided to soak up a bit of history and explore Glasgow's People's Palace.

It was gloomy day so long boots and wooly jumpers were calling.

I spoke about how to dress up my new go-to trousers HERE. But, leather trousers are also a great daytime alternative to jeans. Worn with matching black, over the knee boots, they become an amazing autumnal treat that can be paired with oversized jumpers and fluffy cardigans. They easily turn an everyday outfit it to a look that instantly seems more polished, styled and chic. If you hadn't already gathered - I love them.

The best bit about the weather getting chillier is that it's an excuse to through on as many layers as possible and fully bundle yourself up against the elements. I opted for a cosy knitted jumper - another item that I wear constantly - a big chunky wraparound tartan scarf and gorgeously textured jacket. Throw on a slick of red lippie and some big gold rings and you're all set to go exploring.

We strolled through Glasgow Green to the People's Palace and Winter Gardens.

The magnificent red-stone building has an elegant glasshouse attached and was opened way back in 1898, intended to be a cultural centre for the people of the East End to give them some relief from the awful overcrowding in this part of the city. They could come to read and wander round the picture galleries. You could even spy our Glaswegian ancestors attending a concert in the Winter Gardens in a grainy black and white photo.

Now it's filled with a range of historic artefacts to show how Glaswegians lived in their city from the 18th to 20th century- including photos and quotes collected from people throughout the ages. It's amazing to see everyones stories and I loved the memories covering the walls in the peoples own words.

And there was some amazing tales, such as the soldier who was shot and survived, and as you can see the bullet went through his bible and hit the metal mirror behind, ultimately saving his life. We also discovered an beautiful collection upstairs by "Fred A. Farrell - Glasgow's War Artist". The collection was hauntingly beautiful and sobering , humbling you with sketches and watercolours.

We also had some fun, playing at being donkeys and following the dance steps at The Barrowlands Ballroom!

After we went for a walk round the Winter Gardens.

It was lovely wandering around the exotic plants and palm trees as the rain pitter pattered on the glass outside. It was like a secret garden filled with curious delights - like the wire birds, chirping at you filled with greenery and the cute, mini, Japanese gardens hidden in amongst the large leafy wonderland. We even spied some bananas hiding high in the trees as we relaxed under graceful iron frames. The large red-sandstone of the museum loomed behind the bushes and made it look even more grand.

It's the perfect place to take an afternoon wandering around and learning a little bit more about Glasgow.

Coat - Primark
Scarf - Primark 
Jumper - Forever 21
Trousers - River Island
Boots - New Look 
Bag - Mango
Ring - Forever 21


  1. Lovely photos,I love your outfit,you look beautiful ♥

    1. Thanks so much! I wear that jumper all the time - such a wardrobe staple! xx