Tuesday, 9 December 2014


What's been going on...

Well, November was a busy month for the lil ol' blog here! There was Liebster Awards, offers on NKD SKN tan - which I loved by the way - and of course some candles and winter outfit inspiration thrown in for good measure. Have a scroll back and pick your favourite!

The countdown to Christmas is officially on! And what can be better than eating chocolate for breakfast every day as you prepare for Santa Claus to come down the chimney with some treats? Have you all got your Advent Calendars sorted? There's some pretty amazing homemade ones or beauty ones with special presents in every windows, but you can't really go wrong some Cadburys chocolate Santas!

How cute is my little Brazilian heart?! One of my good friends has been away travelling around South America and she returned all bronzed and bearing gifts, with a newly found penchant for steak and red wine - to my delight!

What better way to spend lazy, rainy Saturdays than over big breakfast and gossip. We trundled through the downpours to the new TriBeCa that has opened up just off Gibson street, the big brother to the original on the other side of Kelvingrove. The original is so good you're extremely lucky to visit without having to wait in a queue, so we were delighted to try out the new one with more space. Order of the day was frothy hot chocolates to warm chilly fingers. Keep an eye out for a post all about it coming soon!

After breakfast/brunch/lunch we wandered round the Westend picking up little presents to wrap up for Christmas. Soon though I was in hiding from the winter weather and if Saturday mornings can be spend with hot chocolate, Saturday nights are  definitely meant to be spend with chilled glasses of white wine and big glossy magazines.

I've been spoiled again! My last bunch was just beginning to look sad when some pinks and purples took there place.

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