Sunday, 21 December 2014

REVIEW: Lily-Flame - Festive Cheer Candle

Looking to fill a room with the scent of a gorgeously indulgent Christmas?

Well here you go....

The handmade candles by Lily-Flame are manufactured in Somerset and come in cute little tin pots, with mountains of scent on top of the candle to make them stand out and add something a little unique. These also all melt together as the candle burns and make a gorgeous colour to sit on top of the wax. The brightly coloured pot is also really nice for something different around Christmas - standing out from the usual greens and reds.

I received a Festive Cheer Candle to get me in the mood for christmas and chocolate, gingerbread, tangerine and nuts all meld together to form a perfectly delicious smell. As soon as you open the lid the scent escapes bursts into the room. As soon as it's lit the room is filled with Festive Cheer.

It really is charmingly Christmassy and reminds you of all the indulgent treats from this time of year, filling the room with an air of nostalgia for Christmas's past. It's highly scented and makes an impact straight away with the warm and welcoming scents of deliciousness, bringing a luxurious Christmas pudding to mind. All the smells mingle together in a comforting way, with a spicy but sweet smell.

The flame should burn for 30-35 hours, so will last you right through the Christmas period! The only thing I would say though is that the smell is quite a strong one so I've found that I can't leave it burning for quite as long as I usually would in the evening, which is a shame as I quite like a flame dancing away in the background. It is good in all other ways though, and I did notice that theirs no waste of wax on the side which is brilliant.

I can't wait to try Lily-Flame candles for all the other seasons too!

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