Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Zara Did It Again: The Jumpsuit

So I did that 'I'm just going to have a quick wander around Zara' thing again...

We've all been there. Promising yourself you'll just nip in for a quick nosey around Zara to waste some time on your lunch break and you definitely won't buy anything. But you definitely do. 

This jumpsuit was one of those times. I was just going for a ten minute wander, but I stumbled across it and I couldn't resist! 

The ribbed style is really lightweight and easy to wear, it also makes it hang perfectly. The culotte style of the trousers is really comfy and also flattering. They are also the perfect cut for when the weather starts to warm up a little. My favourite thing about it though is the little frill detail. It just transforms it from a plain black, kinda boring jumpsuit into something a little more perfect! Plus if you hadn't noticed, frills are everywhere and I mean everywhere - but we all kinda love it! 

It's one of those piece that you pick up and imagine yourself in all kinds of scenarios wearing it. It is a little versatile gem. 

I first wore it here for a dinner in Edinburgh. It wasn't the fanciest of dinners so a black long-sleeved top worn underneath made it perfectly suitable. It also means you don't loose any of the lovely detail my having to throw a jumper or anything on over the top. 

Next up I think I'll wear it on a long weekend in Madrid. (Fingers-crossed) the weather will be absolutely lovely there so I can enjoy wearing it just as it is. Plus it will also be fabulous for very summery holidays and days on the beach. The light-weight, easy fabric means it will be ideal for throwing on over a bikini for mojitos on the beach when the sun starts to set (dreaming)! 

x x x

Jumpsuit - Zara 
Shoes - Topshop
Earrings - H&M 

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