Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Madrid - The Food Scene

Holidays are primarily about eating and drinking loads of fabulous things.

The food in Madrid was, of course, absolutely gorgeous. Every restaurant we went to served up delicious tapas and amazing local wines, but if you really want to enjoy all that the Madrid food scene has on offer in one go then make sure you head to the fabulous Mercado San Miguel. This indoor market really is the best way to try absolutely everything.

The historic wrought-iron and glass sculpture is just off the Plaza Mayor in the old quarter and it's a really lively foodie spot with an amazing atmosphere. Under one roof there's simply everything you could ever have dreamt of - and all delicious. The glass walls show-off the wonders inside, enticing you in with mouth-watering promises. It's a really beautiful and special spot.

Originally built in 1916 and renovated in 2003 the Mercado San Miguel is described as a 'gourmet tapas market'.

It's not really a typical market in the sense that you go to the market in the morning and pick up all you need for the week. It's kind of more of a giant picnic place with lots of little stalls that you can build up your meal with. All of the food and wine laden stalls surround a central area filled with long tables. You load up on tasty treats, find your spot and try not to get food envy as someone wanders by with an amazing dish that for some reason you didn't spot!

There's delicious cones filled with typical Spanish meats, amazing stalls overflowing with local wines, a mozzarella bar filled with cheese like you've never seen before and all washed down with some delicious, bubbling cava.

This was our first day in the city and it absolutely poured so naturally we filled our glasses with pink fizz and watched the world of the market go by - what else can you do when it's a rainy day on holiday!

The energy in the place is amazing as everyone is delighted by their fabulous, foodie finds. It's a really colourful spot that's busy, bustling and exciting. It really is the best that the culinary scene of Madrid has on offer. As soon as you walk through the door all of your senses come alive - you're assaulted by a cacophony of amazing smells and your eyes pop open as you take in the array that they stall-owners are calling shouting about.

I love a good market and this one is really something special. It's a gorgeous place that really gets you excited about the Spanish cuisine - after all holidays are all about indulging in a lil bit of food and a lil bit of wine.

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  1. The timing of this post couldn't have been better as I'm off to Madrid on Sunday! Thanks for the tip ♥︎ xx