Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Madrid - The Sights

When you go on city break make sure you take in all the sights of the city!

Madrid is a really amazing city. The architecture is grand and at every corner you turn there's a surprise waiting for you. It's an enchanting city to wander around. At one point you'll be strolling along narrow streets with buildings tumbling over you and then suddenly you emerge into a huge square with magnificent sculptures surrounding you.

And the best way to take in all of a city - a rooftop bar!

This is really the only way to take in the view. Get yourself to the top floor of a tall building, a cold aperol spritz in hand and enjoy the vista. This is the perfect way to relax and while away the afternoon taking in every corner of the city from a birds-eye-view. Under beautiful blue skies it's even more amazing.

We headed up to the rooftop bar of the Circulo de Bella Artes and found a spot to make our own.

At the top of Madrid landmark you can lounge on big couches as the waiters saunter by with trays of cocktails. As you wander round the edge you can see the city from every angle and it's just spectacular. It's really lovely to point out all the spots that you've already visited and the iconic sights of Madrid.

There's something really relaxing about enjoying a couple of hours in the sky.

On our last morning we still had a couple of sights to take in so we off we popped.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is a really spectacular building oozing the decadence and glamour of past era. We didn't go inside, but you can be easily spellbound by wandering around the exterior. The grand palace was designed with Versailles in mind and you can definitely see this inspiration. Build in the 18th century it was once home to Spanish Kings, but now is used for state ceremonies. It's fabulously lavish and luxurious and is a truly breath-taking sight.

The surrounding gardens are also really pretty and you can see how they carry on the grandeur that we found in Retiro.

Next to the Palace is the Almudena Cathedral.

It's a cathedral not quite like any others that I've seen. The building was started in 1883 and wasn't officially finished until 1993 when it was consecrated by the Pope. The kind of gothic style is really intriguing and the exterior matches the facade of the Palace. King Philip II had wanted to build the biggest cathedral in the world and it was always meant to become part of the Palace. The two seamlessly blend together and the beautiful buildings create a really fascinating spot in the city.

The two buildings were built to impress and their grandeur certainly does!

Until next time Madrid...

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