Thursday, 13 April 2017

Take Me to Switzerland: Part 1

We all know that there's nothing I love more than escaping to Switzerland for a weekend away.

One of my favourite things is to pack up my suitcase and hop on a plane over to Switzerland to visit my parents. Switzerland is just one of those magical places that is an absolute dream to escape to and I couldn't wait to get back there. After a day of plane, trains and automobiles I was soon in my all-time favourite spot - on the balcony enjoying something chilled and admiring the spectacular view.

The next day however we weren't so lucky with the weather - you've honestly never seen rain like it. It poured and poured. So what can a group of three ladies do when the weathers not on there side? Find the most luxurious hotel possible, drink cocktails and hide out until the storm passes.

So that's exactly what we did!

We took the train down the mountain to the beautiful Interlaken and dashed from the station, shrieking through the puddles, to our hideaway for the day.

Interlaken is a fairytale place that's filled with old Victorian-style buildings as it was once where the well-to-do would head to 'take the air' or visit on their tours of Europe. All these beautiful old buildings give the place a really lovely old-world charm and (when the weathers not so horrendous) it's an enchanting place to wander around.

And the grandest building of them all - The Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel.

We made ourselves comfortable in the stunning lounge and ordered cocktails from the most extensive menu!

Soon we were saying cheers and enjoying the amazing surroundings.

This place really is sublime. I would have loved to have been able to see it in its heyday. The historic Hotel has been around for over 150 years and it's said that during the Belle Epoque (the beautiful era) artists, writers and all kinds of interest people enjoyed the setting.

It's definitely not lost it's charm from the Golden Age.

Everywhere you turn you can't help but gasp at the luxurious and elegant rooms. There's a really special air about it and at every corner you find something to delight you - be that big blooms of flowers, cosy corners or even trickling fountains. It's definitely an oasis in a hectic world. The whole place simply glitters and is true decadence. It's just like stepping into a dream.

After we had lunch and the afternoon lazily swept by we pottered back to the bar to enjoy one more cocktail. By this time a gentleman was twinkling away on the grand piano as we relaxed, hatching plans for the future and putting the world to rights.

This was one of those days that you wished never ended.

x x x

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