Thursday, 6 April 2017

Go Ape - Happy 15th Birthday

People have been swinging through the trees of Go Ape for 15 years now - and we went along to celebrate!

You might remember when I gave Go Ape Aberfoyle a go and discovered how much fun I had exploring the tree-tops of the forest. This Spring it was definitely time to pay the tree-tops another visit and this time we headed to the borders to give Go Ape Peebles a go.

And it was for a very special reason - it was Go Ape's 15th Birthday!

The concept was born in 2001 when the founders were on holiday in France and saw people taking part in a tree-top course. A year later the first course was open and since then it's grown more and more popular.

In the years since Go Ape began they've grown to 31 UK locations with almost seven million people taking on the challenge. It's been 15 years of adventures and if you count everyone who has taken part they could've zipped to the moon and back.... seven times! (love this little fact, thanks Go Ape!)

Go Ape gives you the opportunity to explore the forest from a new perspective and I love how you get to enjoy being around nature right up close. It's not often you get to see the world from a tree-top canopy! In Scotland there's courses in Aberfoyle, Crathes Aberdeenshore and Peebles and they're all tree-top adventure course where you take on zip-wires, tarzan swings, rope crossings and all kinds of obstacles!

But lets get back to Peebles...

The Peebles course is built on the hillside of the beautiful Glentress Forest and it truly is a stunning place to take on the challenge.

It's a really bustling place, filled with walkers, mountain bikers and of course little monkeys swinging from tree to tree. It's a place that has got a bit of a buzz to it and everyone is excited about taking on the adventures that await them.

Before the course starts though there's a safety briefing. Once you get up into the trees you're on your own and in charge of your own safety - so pay attention! It's not difficult though and I felt completely at ease up in the trees and didn't struggle with the equipment at all.

Then you're off!

At Peebles there's five different courses, or sites, to take on each with varying levels of difficulty. I had an idea of what to expect, but there was definitely some new challenges thrown in! The twisting rope path was definitely tough and the big tarzan swing, for me, was the scariest!

But I'm happy to say I made it along all of the crossings - woo!

To finish off you do the most amazing zip-wire!

It's the highest zip-wire in the country that zooms above a reservoir, offering you the most breath-taking views. I loved whizzing through the air and taking in the amazing scenery around me. It was without a doubt the best way to finish the course and I actually found myself relaxing and enjoying the spectacular view.

As the Spring weather starts to get better we all find ourselves wanting to get outside and enjoy it and Go Ape is the perfect way to do this! It's also so much fun to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. I went along with my BF, who is a little (a lot) shaky with heights. At one point we both thought he was going to have to stop, but he powered through and conquered a fear that day. By the end you're left with a real sense of achievement (definitely for him!)

I had a really fabulous day swinging about the tree-tops - thanks so much to Go Ape for having me!

x x x

*** This is a collaborative post where I visited Go Ape for free  - but all views are my own, obvs. 

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  1. Omg this look terrifying! My fiance was trying to convince me to go with him.. but i'm a big scaredy cat! hehe 🙈