Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Lots of flowers and some special treats!

One Saturday recently I had all the girls round for a pot luck dinner, perfect for anyone that can't cook! Everyone brought dishes filled with fantastic food and I kept everyones wine glasses topped up. Seeing as cooking isn't one of my strong points I decided to concentrate on making the setting pretty. I popped roses into teapots and got the ideal slogan napkins out - Save Water, Drink Champagne, I can live by that!

I told you all about how much I love the neutral Ted Baker polishes in my collection recently and here they are in action! The muted purple looks lovely against a statement gold nail and I think it's just the prettiest of combinations.

A lovely friend of mine delivered this beautiful candle holder as a house warming present - isn't it gorgeous! The wee heart is so cute and I love the way the candle can flicker through the glass. It's little touches like this that really make a difference to your home. In a rented flat bits and bobs and personal touches definitely make it feel more like yours and your own little space in the world.

I popped into New Look recently and their fitting rooms always make me smile! It's so much easier to divide up your clothes - and lets not lie the majority more than likely end up on the Definite hanger!

So we had a bit of a flower disaster, first world problems I know, and the bright new bunch we bought didn't fit in the vase! Oh dear lord! So I improvised. Empty wine bottle are basically made for occasions like this one. I'd saved these from my 21st as they had been filled with wine that had the same name as me, definitely a momento worth saving. And they worked perfectly as an alternate vase and I thought they actually looked really good!

We all have those items in our wardrobe that we wear over and over again, so I decided to pop up a post to show you what I wear constantly. There's the staple pieces, the breton stripe top, your favourite bag and blanket scarf, that you're bound to have. But also some extra pieces that you might feel inspired to add to your collection, a denim pinafore or leopard-print trainers.

I was recently invited along to Air Space in Glasgow so on a Friday night we swapped the wine for bouncing - and had an absolute ball! It was so, so much fun! Who would've thought that bouncing about for an hour could give you so much amusement. I'll be putting up a full Review of it soon, but (spoiler alert) we loved it!

Another invite I received recently was to spend an afternoon hunting for the perfect Mothers Day treat at ROX jewellers. And it truly was a magical afternoon. We were treated like stars as we sipped on champagne and tried on diamonds.

I took so many photos, it was just all so pretty, to share with you in a special Mothers Day post and told you a little bit more about the fabulous place that is ROX. If you're struggling for Mothers Day it should hopefully give you some inspiration. We managed to find the most perfect gift for our Mum, a little treat for ourselves and we had one of the most fabulous afternoons ever!

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