Friday, 26 February 2016

My Most Worn

We all have those items in our wardrobe that we come back to again and again, and again, and again...

I definitely have some favourite staples in my wardrobe that have been amazing buys and I've used again and again. It just so happens that I also end up sharing them with you in a collection of outfit posts! You've probably noticed the items that appear again and again. But it's not just for posed OOTD posts that I bring them out for, I end up wearing them all the damn time.

They're a mixture of staples and things that I just really love, you've most likely got a few of them yourselves and if not here's a solid excuse to go shopping!

The Denim Pinafore

This was a fantastic find in Topshop a while ago. I had originally bought it for the Summer and it looked really cute with sunglasses and sandals in Croatia, but it was also perfect as a transitional piece. I wear it loads! It's perfect layered over polo necks or t-shirts or even with a jumper on top, turning it into a skirt. It's one of those things that hides in your wardrobe and whenever you're struggling to find something to wear you can pop it on and feel like you're in a sweet Instagram-ready outfit in a minute.

I paired it with the standard polo-neck and boots combo when I headed down to London and this was also a look that worked to explore Edinburgh in, all that changed was the polo for a long-sleeved top. I'd definitely say invest in a little denim pinafore, you can get them in all different styles from shift to dungaree style and I always spot a good one in New Look.

The Green Skinned Bag

Mango is one of those shops I rarely go into, but when I do I always find things that I love. I bought this back when I first got my job, all the time ago! as a well done to myself. I can't even begin to tell you how much I've used it since! I love the green colour as an alternative to navy or black and the kinda mock-croc-skin bumpy leather makes it look really sophisticated. For me it's pretty much the ideal size and I can pack everything in it I want to. It's also got a long strap to sling over your shoulder and a smaller handle if you want pop it into the crook of your arm and look chic! Basically this is a bag that comes everywhere with me.

When I did the Moveit Lookbook video the bag simply had to come with me. I was asked to dress in a style that best reflected me and because this is most like my most, most used item I had to bring it along. To be honest it features in most of my posts, as it comes with me wherever I wander at the weekend, often exploring the wonderful Glasgow.

Breton Striped Top 

There was no way I could not include this beauty. You've probably seen it time and time and time again and you most likely have your own version tucked into a drawer. I wear it constantly and quite honestly miss it when it's in the wash. You can wear it with anything, be that vintage waistcoats to bright pink jackets, it just always works. I'm starting to worry that my version is beginning to look tired and done! However, I bought this one from New Look many moons ago and cost per wear has exceeded itself! You can pick up simple striped tops like this from their basic range and recently I added a red striped version that is becoming just as worn as the blue version.

It's perfect with big necklaces and hats for days at the spa and it always has an almost Parisian vibe to it, which makes you feel oh so fabulous. It also works with other patterns. I really liked wearing it with this girly, flimsy skirt. It was the ideal outfit for Coco Chanel exhibitions and champagne and cake dates in London.

The Oversized Jumper

When I bought this a while ago I loved it so much I snapped it up in a pale pink colour as well, but I've found that I still wear the brown quite a bit more! It's oversized, slouchy and feels so comfy and relaxed. It's perfect for days curled up in jeans and chats over tea and cake, but also looks great with skirts and dress a like. The exposed seams also make it a bit more interesting, but it's also happy to have a big statement necklace added or a collar popped out. It's also lovely and lightweight so is perfect for when the weathers that annoying in-betweeny, but I also wore it loads over the colder months with long-sleeved tops underneath. Basically, it's an all-round do-gooder of a wardrobe staple.

When I first got it it was Easter time and daffodils were blooming. I packed it in my suitcase to visit my Gran and paired it with patterned trousers and brogues for days spend wandering around garden centres and eating scones. It was also perfect later in the year when the snow started to fall. Tucked into a burgundy skirt it took on a whole new slouchy shape.

Leopard-Print Sneakers

These leopard lovelies are the brainchild of a Keds and Oasis collaboration. I was invited to a press breakfast to reveal the different designs and immediately fell in love with the leopard-print ones. Now, I'm not a trainer girl at all, nope, but these ones are something special. The pattern give the a fun-vibe and the neon orange stripes add some jazz. They are also a super comfy slip-on style, perfect for lazy weekend days and they're just ideal with a pair of skinny jeans. They're called The Style Hunters, a name that I think fits them perfectly and as they were a limited edition I bought them straight after the event. They're probably the only "trainers" you're likely to find me in!

They were lovely paired with some cream skinnies as Spring set in and a stripy jumper completed the perfect weekend outfit. They were also ideal for pounding the London streets, stopping sore feet as we wandered around markets and with a simple white shirt and blue skinny jeans they really stood out and became the focal point of the outfit.

The Tartan Scarf

A huge, over-sized woolly scarf is pretty much an essential in any Scottish winter wardrobe. When it's so darn chilly outside and you're breath turns to ice you need a massively woolly scarf to wrap round and round to keep that winter chill out. I throw this around me pretty much anytime I leave the house. The red tartan is also lovely and bright and one fabulous thing about this scarf is that it's reversible, with a houndtooth pattern on the other side. Having the two different sides just breaks it up a bit and makes it a bit more interesting when it's wound round. When the weather can't decide if it wants to be warm or not it also looks fabulous hanging loose. It's a wonder in all ways.

It looks lovely with a plain cream jumper and the red check really stands out - perfect for comedy gigs and pints on a cold Autumnal night. With some wardrobe staples added it also stands out, blue jeans and black boots are sometimes all that's needed for a weekend away. But, it'll pretty much go with anything you pair it with and is a wonderfully versatile essential.

What do you always end up wearing....?


  1. I'm on the lookout for a denim pinafore that is the right length on me! Love all the things you've picked - they are very similar to my staples <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. It's such a good wee wardrobe staple - New Look definitely have a good selection of denim pinafores! Thanks lovely - sounds like you've got good taste in staples haha

      Thanks for reading my dear! xxx