Friday, 27 November 2015

REVIEW: Funkin Cocktails

Cocktails are an essential ingredient for a Saturday night, so when a big box of Funkin Cocktails arrives on your doorstep you know it's going to be a good weekend!

Funkin Cocktails take the hassle out of cocktail making. They're cartons full of pre-made mixers, that when shaken up with your favourite spirit make the ideal concoction for a Saturday night with the girls.
  • The Mojito is an all time favourite of mine and the Funkin mixture was deliciously refreshing. 
  • Strawberry Woo Woo is a classic that didn't let me down. 
  • The Brazilian cocktail mixer had an amazing fruity flavour. 
  • The Strawberry Daiquiri was the easiest drinking, delicious. 
  • And finally the Pina Colada had an amazing Caribbean punch!
What's so great about Funkin Cocktails is that they're made of 100% natural, fresh fruit ingredients and this is what makes the taste so good - there's nothing nasty in there and they're just lovely and fresh.

On top of this they are just so, so, so easy to use and take out all the hard work and hassle out. All you need to do is pop some ice in the glass, add in the spirit of your choice, shake up the mixture and fill the glass up - voila! (Pssst you don't have to use alcohol and can make up some cocktails if you're that way inclined)

Another thing that's pretty fantastic is that on the packaging they tell you about all the different cocktails that you can make up depending on what alcohol you go for!

I'm a gin drinker myself so tried a 'Strawberry Collins' with the Daiquiri mixer. I also loved a tipple of gin in the Brazilian cocktail mixer, so fruity and exotically delicious! My friend is more of a vodka lady and a classic Strawberry Woo Woo went down a treat! The gin Mojitos were also snapped up quickly!

They were perfect for getting ready for a festive girls night out. The fact they were so quick and easy meant they didn't take any time out of outfit choosing, glitter chasing, lipstick testing and heel hunting. It felt fun and girly - and definitely was a treat compared to the usual bottle of cheapest wine!

Funkin Cocktails were perfect for a girls night and I've still got enough left for a couple of gin cocktails this weekend - yaaaa!!

**** This is a promotional post, but all views are my own. Obvs

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