Wednesday, 11 November 2015

London: Chanel, Cake and Champagne

I had one of the best days, so good I shed a little joy tear the next morning (and I'm not even embarrassed to let you know that!)

And what do the best days consist of, well a bit of Chanel, some amazing cake, all washed down with some delicious bubbles of champagne.

To start the day we headed to the Saatchi Gallery to check out their latest exhibition - Mademoiselle Prive. I'd been looking forward to going for ages and couldn't wait to check out the treasure trove of loveliness that was hidden inside...

The exhibition is "a journey through the origins of Chanel's creations, capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld." It's all about the life of Coco Chanel and the legend she has created with the Chanel brand, and how Karl Lagerfeld carries on that legend, re-working it with time.

And as Karl tells Coco Chanel in the short film, "I'm keeping you alive."

It was magnificent and breathtaking and we walked round eyes wide and mouths agape the whole time. I loved the way it had been put together and we wandered around completely dazzled and surprised with little gasps of joy escaping as we went from room to room.

It was as though you'd been dropped into a Chanel treasure box.


At first you're lead passed the iconic mirrored staircase before you reach the opening of her first shop. You see all kinds of insights, from her influences from Scotland to the celebration of her signature touches; the pearls, the monochrome and the stripes.



Further on a giant piece of couture jewellery throws shooting star-shapes across the walls, throwing you into a glittering magical setting.

One of my favourites was what I took to be the workshop. Fabric swathes ripple down from the ceiling and shadow shows portray the inner workings of the atelier.

There's also a maze style garden, with the famous logo hidden within.


The hedges smelled like a fresh garden and from above it looked even more special.

Upstairs there was a display of beautiful couture gowns, before you head through to a room of familiar faces.


Lining the walls are portraits of well-known faces, decked in a jewellery collection, a dazzling, diamond collection. And in the centre are stunning evening dresses with the glittering collection on full display.

It was captivating, mesmerising and I loved every second.

Afterwards we decided to carry on with classy day and headed to Sketch - somewhere I'd wanted to check out for aaaaaages (and not just because of the bathrooms!)

Sketch is a really beautiful and unique place. It was designed by Mourad 'Momo' Mazouz, and a team of chefs and designers, to be a place for food, art and music. And it's just a little bit of a magical place to be.

We sat in the Parlour. It's a little like a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with a twist. We perched on vintage Louis XV seating and admired the room, complete with quirky 60's touches and really special little finishes.


The cakes didn't disappoint either - neither did the champagne!

I went for the chocolate cake, and it was divine. It reminded me of Mars Delights (why did they ever stop them?!) and the macaroons across from me were amazing too - I don't know how she managed to choose between all the amazing flavours!

Cheers - we so fancy!


The Gallery is perfectly pink...

And The Glade is a fairytale wonderland....

And a bathroom selfie is always necessary....

It was a magical day, that was just all my favourite things! We even managed to finish it off with cocktails and a special heart shaped pizza - this could be my Groundhog Day, please?


  1. Looks amazing! The champagne and cake too :)

    1. It was such a good day - I wish I was devouring the cake and champagne again now!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xx

  2. The exhibition looks amazing - your so lucky! I'd also love to visit Sketch some time I'm in London <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. It was such an amazing exhibition, I was so lucky to get the chance to see it! And yes! Sketch is definitely worth a visit!

      Thanks for reading lovely xx

  3. That sounds like the perfect day. The exhibition looked fabulous. xx

    1. The most perfect day! It was such an amazing exhibition, I was so lucky I got the chance to see it.

      Thanks for reading lovely xx

  4. Crazy jealous right now. I want a selfie in that bathroom!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Haha you can't visit Sketch without a bathroom selfie!

      Thanks for reading lovely xx