Thursday, 5 November 2015

London Lookbook

I have a confession to make - I love packing!

I love sorting out outfits for a long weekend away and laying them all out. Adding the perfect lipsticks and shoes before I pack them away for the trip and here's what I folded into my suitcase for long weekend in London.

Day One

This was our girlie day out, filled with fashion, cake and champers.

I originally bought this skirt for a more summery holiday, but I think it works just as well with a pair of tights to keep you warm as the weather turns cooler. I love mixing up the dainty floral pattern with a classic breton top. Florals and stripes have to be my favourite. A little pair of brown ankle boots are comfy for walking about it and the ideal Autumnal footwear, so pop a pair in your case. A good coat is definitely essential and this one looked great all weekend, tie it round like a big cosy dressing gown, or leave it loose and it'll look fantastic with anything.


(Coat - Primark, Top - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Boots - New Look 915)

Day Two 

This little dress has quickly become one of my favourites and is perfect for brunch dates.

Again, this was a summer holiday purchase. But I think it works even better for chillier seasons. All you need to do is pop on a thin polo underneath and you're sorted. I've gone for black here, but really any colour would work as a layer. The ankle boots get another outing (versatile packing you see) and a wee half-bun for a hair change-up make it really easy to pull together. I adore the simple shape of the pinafore and I think the un-fussy style with the big pockets actually works really well at flattering. Plus, you know it looks all kinds of fabulous when a lovely stranger stops you to ask where it's from.


(Dress - Topshop, Polo Neck - H&M, Boots - New Look 915)

Day Three

Some days you just need a bit of comfort.

I've spied loads of over-sized shirts about recently and it's a look I can really get on board with. This is a gem from the mens section. I like how they aren't fitted and hang loosely and lovely, all you need to do is roll the sleeves up to shorten them a bit. They pretty easy to wear with skinny jeans and comfy shoes, for when you're feet are sore from dancing the previous night away. And leopard print flats are simply the best. These are a pair from Keds and Oasis and are the perfect pair of casual shoes, that also aren't afraid to make a statement. Pop on some pretty jewellery to add a girlie edge and then go and hunt down some hangover cures!


(Shirt - Primark, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Keds for Oasis)

What do you lovely lot like to pack for long weekends away exploring?

Pssssst I'll also be doing post on each day to share all our adventures with you! Expect plenty of food and fizz!


  1. I'd probably have stopped you in the street if I saw you in that dress tbh - so cute!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Aw thanks dear! I wear it constantly - love it!

      Thanks for reading lovely xx