Monday, 9 November 2015


Being a bit of an adventurer, with some glamour thrown in obvs.

Ah good ol' Thursday Throwback. This time I shared a picture of me and the BF enjoying some mountain air in Switzerland at the top of the Schilthorn. We went to visit my parents a whole three years ago! And climbed to the top to enjoy the view.

I popped up a very special post as part of a Crystal competition. It saw me imagining myself as a Piste Princess, swooshing down the slopes, feasting on local delicacies and sipping loads and loads of champagne - one can dream!

You can never have enough nail varnishes and when magazines give them away as a wee freebie it fills me with all the joy. This was a little bottle that came with an edition of Elle. The Orly varnish is a delicious Violet Pastel Creme shade and is so pretty. I want to layer sparkles over it for a glistening Frozen Christmas look.

For Halloween I did something just a little bit different. We headed to GoApe to create a whole new scary Halloween. We whizzed down zip-wires and swung across trees and a glorious Autumnal afternoon - and it felt so good to have achieved something completely different on a Saturday.

Sunday was a little more relaxed and afternoon tea and shopping meant it was definitely a day for new boots. I'd quite fancied myself a pair of leopard print boots for a while. They just make winter footwear a little more exciting and create a real statement with any outfit. This perfect pair are from H&M and I never want to take them off.

And then it was Monday again. Get the coffee ordered and best get to work...

After my adventurous weekend at GoApe I really wanted to share it with you all, so you can check out my challenge and dare yourself to take it on! It's all about living life adventurously and pushing yourself to do something different, the achievement you feel afterwards is fantastic.

I also popped up my first post in my London series - a Lookbook. This is what I folded away into my suitcase for a weekend in the Big City. This florals, stripes, denim pinafores and some pretty jewellery.

Friday nights are for dressing up and good friends!


  1. Oooh adore your boots and Go Ape seems really fun! xxx

    1. Thanks my dear! The boots are just H&M and pretty recent, so you might still be able to get them!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xx

  2. Looks like you've had a great week! GoApe sounds really fun and I really enjoyed your lookbook post <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. GoApe was so good! Definitely worth the trip if you fancy doing something different on a Saturday. Glad you liked the Lookbook post my dear.

      Thanks for reading lovely xx