Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What's Been Happening....?

New hair and holidays are top of the agenda!

So I did it - I chopped my hair! I've kept it pretty long for as many years as I can remember, but after deliberating for months and months I decided it was time for a change. And guess what, I love it! I went along to Lunatic Fringe in the Westend and was chatted through the best way to go about it, which definitely made me feel so much better. I'm a short hair convert!

Ooooh I was dreaming of blue skies and holidays the week before I jetted off for my final summer holiday. I couldn't resist posting a little throwback of one of my favourite holidays ever to Croatia. I mean look at the blue sky and flowers - it doesn't get much better. I snapped this particular picture exploring the streets of Split, take me back please?

And as I'm whittering on about how much I love summer have you checked out my top summer tunes with HMV? It was so much fun to pull together a combination of songs that just make me feel all summery and fabulous. They're songs to listen to on the beach, sipping chilled wine in warm evening air or even on a rare sunny day in Scotland!

A very ladylike look was called for for a day out in Edinburgh. We headed through for the day to take me wee sister and her BF out for his birthday lunch and it also just so happened that the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues festival was on! Pearls, pink lips and my favourite trench coat were the perfect accompaniment for a day of jazzy tunes, giggle and plenty of prosecco!

New phone, new case! I treated myself to this sparkly number from the Case-Mate sale when I got a new phone recently. I love the fact it's transparent to show the gorgeous pink of the rose gold case, but also that it's completed with flecks of glittering rose gold - I mean you're phone might as well look pretty whilst it's being looked after.

And more coo-ing over my short hair. I just love it every single day! It's so refreshing to go for a change every once in a while.

Then finally it was time to head off to Switzerland yaaa! The best bit about a little airport trip is always the shopping, and the breakfast, maybe the breakfast comes top... But anyway before tucking into a huge helping of pancakes I treated myself to a new MAC lipstick. I always do this every trip to the airport and it's the best way to start a holiday. This time I went for 'Shanghai Spice'. It's a really lovely, kind more nude colour that's a gem for every day wear. When's my next airport trip?

Soon I was home with my parents - yaaa! We raced up to the mountains and celebrated with a glass of fizz, as has become customary! I'm not going to waffle on about what we got up to too much here as I definitely want to save it for a big post dedicated to our adventures, so eyes peeled!

Just incase you've still got summer holidays to jet off on and enjoy let me introduce you to the white dress of dreams that you most definitely need for your sunshine filled trip! I love this white shirt dress so much, it's a star! Perfect for summer holidays, but also fabulous for the streets of Glasgow it's definitely a keeper.

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