Thursday, 11 August 2016

Holiday Inspiration: Bolsover Cruise Club

If, like me, you're always on the look out for the next adventure.... have you ever contemplated a cruse?!

I know right! I've never overly thought about it either, but one of my friends went on once and raved about it so much I began to think that maybe sailing around on a city in the sea isn't such a bad idea. What appeals to me most is all the fabulous places that you can stop off at. Many of them are places that you can only dream about visiting - and imagine doing them all on the same holiday! Some of the stop-offs are places that you could never visit on holiday for a week, but on your floating cruise so many holiday destination dreams can come true.

But where to start with booking a cruise?

Well, this is where the amazing Bolsover Cruise Club (BCC) comes in.

Originating in the 1960s BCC helped travellers find holidays of all types before the found their niche and starting focusing on cruises - and they did pretty well with the shift in their focus. BCC soon became the leading name the cruise industry and have planned the perfect cruise holidays for thousand and thousands of people. They know everything there is to know about cruises because of their years and years of experience and what makes them stand-out is that they're cruise only specialists. Basically you can trust them to help you build the perfect cruise!

Finding the right kind of cruise might seem overwhelming at first and as a cruise newbie I was a little baffled by first glance at the website. Buuuuuuut the more you explore it and think about what you want the easier it gets. You can filter by cruise, line, ship or destination, picking out exactly what you want and helping you to find the right cruise.

For me it's really all about the destination. BCC can help you to find cruises sailing to Hawaii, cursing through the Indian Ocean, exploring Northern Europe and even making your way to Canada. I thought the West Mediterranean cruises sounded like fabulous adventures filled with wine and gorgeous food, visiting places such as Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Barcelona. Or I also kinda fancied digging my toes into the sand, cocktail in hand on the Caribbean cruise stopping off at Antigua, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands - bliss.

But, you do spend a lot of time on board too! So it's a good job that BCC also tells you all about the Cruise Lines available. And it's all about luxury travel - sounds right up my street! It's your own mini world that's there just to spoil you. I'm imagining lavish dining rooms there to entice me and filling the days relaxing as we cruise over the enchanting water getting ready to tour the next stop.

A cruise is definitely something to give a go if you're looking for something different to try! BCC really are experts and can help you to create the perfect holiday first time, plus after reading a couple of customer reviews their customer service sounds fabulous, which is definitely what a cruise beginner like me would need!

So when do we set sail?

*** This was a collaborative post, but all cruise-dreaming is my own 

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