Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MoveIt Lookbook #22

Recently I took part in a really fabulous project - MoveIt - and I was so, absolutely delighted with the results!

MoveIt is a youtube Lookbook and fashion channel that aims to capture the individual style of real people. It's "a candid camera, capturing all styles, every style, and a digital platform celebrating personalities and creative expression". Quite simply, it's the loveliest collection of beautiful imagery celebrating all the varieties of style out there, worn everyday by everyone. Boya Shen is the incredible artist behind the stunning little videos and you can tell she's got a pretty impressive talent, showcased in the selection on 40-second videos.

I'm not going to lie I was pretty nervous before we started filming, but over a steaming mug of green tea on the wettest, drizzliest day Boya chatted over her vision with me and I soon relaxed. She was fantastic at putting me at ease and I soon warmed-up and it didn't take me long to convince myself that I'll soon be chasing Kendall J down the runway (in my dreams).

As the afternoon went on it was easy to see why Boya's videos turn out so beautifully, she's got a fantastic eye for details and was brimming with creative ideas. It was so much fun to try new poses, different angles and new ideas as we went from each location.

The videos are all about individual style, so I decided to wear an outfit that you'd find me in almost every weekend. I pulled off the hanger clothes that I wear constantly, over and over, as I felt that this was the best way to represent me and my style.

I'm a lover of the Breton stripe, so my fail-safe stripy top was a must. On top of this a cosy cardigan, always needed in a chilly Glasgow and pretty simple jewellery, with an elegant design, the jewellery I find myself wearing day in and day out. Amongst this though I always add a few little quirks; leather-look trousers instead of plain black jeans, gold buckle boots that jingle when I walk and unique earrings with a new shape. Just don't forget the staple camel coat.

And the finished product.... voila!

I had such an amazing time filming with Boya and I couldn't be happier with the video - hope you lovely lot enjoy it!

*** All of the lovely imagery featured is by the fantastic Boya herself! Twitter: @BoyaShen Instagram: MOVEITLOOKBOOK or BOYAAASHEN 

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