Tuesday, 26 January 2016


It was beautiful and snowy and I also wanted to sleep all week!

One Saturday in Glasgow the snow came - yaaa! And it actually lay on the ground in quite a thick powdery blanket - double yaaa! My sister and I popped outside for a day of gallery wandering and shopping. But it was a such a beautiful backdrop that we couldn't resist snapping a few outfit photos. The bobble-hat was more necessary than style....

After a snowy Saturday the best thing to do on Sunday is snuggle into your duvet and flip through a big glossy magazine with a cup of tea. Pyjamas and duvet don't have to match, but what a happy coincidence that they do!

My blog takes me to some amazing places and I recently attended the launch if the 'Hello My Name is Paul Smith' exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow and to make it even better the man himself was there to give us a guided tour. It was a truly amazing hour, with an inspiring, genuine and just lovely man telling us all his stories. I'll be doing a full post all about it so stay tuned! It's a fantastic exhibition and if you get the chance definitely pop along.

And the snowy post in all its glory went up! It features my staple camel coat, a gorgeous burgundy skirt (that's a total bargain) and pretty snowflakes that cause the biggest of smiles. Have a nosey for yourself and let me know your prefect snowy day outfits!

Oh my goodness a 7am train is an awful early one. I was headed up to Inverness with work and caught the first train up North. A big cup of tea and some Silent Witness was needed to set me up.

I can't stop smiling every time I see this post! As I've blathered on about quite a bit, I loved shooting this video with Boya Shen. She also captured some really lovely still shots. The Bridie Library in the GUU was the perfect backdrop and every time I look back at the photos I can't help but smile, remembering how much I enjoyed creating them.

Friday arrived ya!! Time for a train journey back from Inverness and I'd save the latest issue of Stylist especially for the journey. Time to get your bounce on for the weekend!

Although it wasn't the most riotous weekend it was so super exciting in a different way - it was moving weekend! We spent Saturday packing up boxes and emptying wardrobes before going to pick up the keys and then loading and unloading. By the end of the day my bed had never looked so tempting and I was so happy when it was finally time to sleep.

But we had to keep going the next day! By the end of Sunday though everything was coming together and we could get properly excited as we finally relaxed - planning furniture shopping and making the first cup of tea. Our new flat is gorgeous and I can't wait to add in all the finishing touches.

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