Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"You Must Never Underestimate the Power of the Eyebrow" - Jack Black

I recently got invited along to an HD Brow event and discovered the power of the brow!

I must confess that I felt a little uneasy about going along. I've never done much to my eyebrows and usually just pluck away unruly hairs, so a complete HD Brow experience seemed a little daunting. I was nervous about the dreaded 'scouse brow' and what I would end up looking like! I was perfectly unbothered by my natural brows! I planned just to go along watch and ask some questions, but I was persuaded to under-go the treatment...

The stylists who greeted were so lovely and helpful I was put completely at ease and after spending far too long sneakily staring at everyone else's eyebrows (they all looked wonderful!) I was convinced that I should give it a go! The lovely lady I had transforming me talked me through every step and told me what I would need to do for after-care - which really isn't much.

When I stepped into the treatment room it was all beautifully branded in chic black and white, with gorgeous cabinets to keep all their tools. Where we were was actually being introduced as a training academy and it was a lovely big room that was the perfect spot to learn about how to transform unruly eyebrows.

But onto the treatment...

HD Brows do tailored procedures to suit your face, with each treatment being unique to the individual and exclusively for you. Instead of looking fake and, let's face it, a little bit ridiculous HD Brows are all about enhancing your natural beauty, giving you well-groomed eyebrows in high-definition.

The treatment involves tinting, waxing, threading and little bit of plucking - when I was sitting there it almost felt like there couldn't possibly be anything left! But don't panic! It wasn't sore either and if anything marginally uncomfortable. While I sat anxiously twiddling my thumbs my brows were transformed into the perfect arches, leaving them defined cleaner and neater.

                                  Before                                                                      After

And I was so pleased with the outcome! My eyebrows have never looked better, it was like my eyebrows naturally, just a bit more defined and groomed. They looked completely different - but in a strange way just the same. I'm an HD convert now. I was so pleased with the results and they definitely gave me a little confidence boost and spring in my step. There had really been no need to be nervous at all.

     Excuse the shameless selfies - I was just so pleased with them!

We'd also all been gathered to check out the new MakeUp by HD Brows range that was launched in Spring/Summer '14. It is a 76 strong capsule collection filled with all the essentials for brows, (of course) eyes, skin and lips.

I was lucky enough to get a lipgloss and Kajal liner.

The Lipgloss in Bare has a great wet-shine finish, giving your lips a lovely plump (but natural!) appearance. I don't often wear lipgloss - preferring to stick to lipstick, but I found myself reaching for this one more often! It's creamy texture sits comfortably on your lips and isn't overly sticky. It also boasts of containing an antioxidant Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturised.

The Kajal liner was a new one to me, but I've really enjoyed using it as an alternative to pencil or liquid eye-liner. It's perfect for creating sultry, smoky eyes and can add an intensity to your eye make-up. It's also really soft and smooth to use - applying it on your waterlines or covering the lids depending on what look your going for.

I really loved my HD Brow experience and would recommend it to anyone! You can find your nearest salon HERE - go for it!

Thanks so much for having me!

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