Thursday, 19 March 2015

REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation

So I'm now a foundation convert!

I never normally wear foundation day-to-day and prefer to stick to tinted moisturisers. I've been like this for years - afraid of the caked on foundation look, but I decided it was time to change my ways when my usual coverage just wasn't doing the job anymore. I was finding that at work all day my tinted moisturiser just wasn't lasting and its cover was fading throughout the day - pretty much disappearing by lunch, slipping off my face and leaving me shiny and patchy. Well you'll be glad to hear I've found the remedy!

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte foundation is a mattifying cream foundation that claims to last 24 hours - perfect right? It is also 'clinically: waterproof and steam proof' as well as containing 'absorbing mineral micro sponges' which help to 'absorb excess oil', according to L'Oreal.

For me, I loved it. I was a little worried to delve into the overly-populated world of foundations, but I feel like I picked a peach! It's lightweight and not 'cakey'. I found that it wasn't thick and heavy to apply, like some dense matte foundations feel. It smoothed over my skin, gliding on and it really didn't feel heavy.

The finish was fairly natural and lightweight, the perfect switch over from a tinted moisturiser. It gave me a nice even-toned complexion, hiding any redness and blemishes. I opted for the 'Natural Rose' shade and found that it was a good match to my skin and doesn't overpower, also despite having 'rose' in the name it definitely isn't too pink and is more of a neutral shade.

As for 24 hours, I haven't worn it for quite that long! But, I found that it was lasting all day at work and wasn't 'slipping' off my face and is definitely long-lasting. It stayed intact and I was still really pleased with how it was sitting when 5 o'clock rolled on.

I'm pretty pleased my foundation purchase in the end and I'll be purchasing again as I fan! However, one con is that I don't feel like the tube is lasting quite as long as I'd like and I don't want to have to be replacing it constantly. But overall it's a wee gem!


  1. Oh I love a good long lasting foundation! Might need to give this a go!x

    1. Yeah I would definitely recommend trying it out if it's staying power you're looking for!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xx