Saturday, 27 September 2014

Four Year Fridays

We had a lovely evening of celebrations!

To be honest I love any excuse to get dressed up, have a nice meal and sip on some wine and four years together seemed like a good enough reason, so me and my boyf popped on our glad rags and wined and dined the evening away.

I've had my eye on this jump suit for a looooooong time and I thought it was the ideal occasion to finally get it. Thankfully it arrived just on time and was waiting for me when I got in from work - after a day of fretting what my second outfit choice would be, of course.

It's from Coco and Cleo and I just adore it. The check pattern and high waist makes my legs look deceivingly long, which is ideal. It's also available in white with black checks and I'm fighting the urge to get that one too!

Pops of red are perfect with a monochrome look and add a bit of romance to the proceedings. This is one of my favourite clutches, the ruffle details make it look so pretty. My favourite black bandage heels and slick of red lipstick and I was sorted.

Sorry for the awful mirror selfie, but wanted to make sure you saw it in all its glory!

Now lets pop the champagne!

We chinked bellini and gin glasses to start with in Cail Bruich. It's a gorgeous restaurant, all cosy, dark and romantic. The staff were amazing as well and chatted away giving gin recommendations and generally making us feel very looked after.

We had a lovely little tray of nibbles, which I pounced on and completely forget to take a picture to let you see. But there was olives, and twisted sticks and puff pastry filled with deliciously warm melting cheese. They then delivered a little amuse bouche. It was pea puree with coconut and horseradish and was so refreshing - the ideal palate cleanser. And the bread! It was gorgeously warm and smelt like the most wonderful thing in the world.

To start we had ox cheek and bone marrow salad with goats curd and beetroot - amazing.

I then had the hake as a main and I hate to say I was a little disappointed. It was pretty delicious, but all in all the butter was just too much, it make it overwhelmingly salty and you couldn't appreciate the dish. However, one thing you could tell was that all the ingredients were so fresh which was perfect. I think I maybe just made a little menu mistake as the beef opposite me was beautiful. And after the pure perfectness of the starter you could tell the food on whole was amazing.

We skipped dessert and danced off into the night for some more wine and cocktails - the perfect way to celebrate!

Jumpsuit - Coco and Cleo
Clutch - Topshop
Heels - Topshop


  1. I love this jumpsuit! I've never heard of Coco and Cleo before, i'll have to have a look.

    1. It's a beaut isn't it! There's lots of lovely stuff on there, great jewellery too!

  2. Adore your jumpsuit and the shoes you paired it with! Definitely checking out Coco & Cleo right now!

    1. There's some pretty great stuff on there isn't there?! And thanks, I've had these shoes for ages and I definitely feel like I wear them constantly!