Wednesday, 11 June 2014

REVIEW: Lush - Rub, Rub, Rub

This is my new best friend.

I really like Lush products and they're great as little treats every now and again, with the shops being a delightful soapy, smelly Aladdin's cave to wander round. I got this Rub, Rub, Rub scrub in a lovely present box as a birthday gift filled with lots of bathtime indulgences and this was the first one I tried out and boyo did it impress.

This Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub can be used in the shower for a gentle scrub with warm water or if you're looking for something a bit tough rub it onto a dry body then jump in the shower. You can feel the difference almost straight away and my skin felt so soft. It's also fantastic for massaging into your feet.

The smell is amazing with lemon and floral being sniffed as I buffed away. This might sound silly but it also looks really pretty with the bright blue colour - makes me smile while I shower, it's the simple things eh!

Lush tells me that it's packed with mineral-rich sea salt that can act as a natural antiseptic well it exfoliates away and this combined with a load of lemon juice definitely leaves your skin rejuvenated, smoothed and softened.

As well as the gently exfoliating sea salt there's cleansing and calming mimosa, refreshing and rejuvenating fresh lemon juice and orange flower that's intensely floral and uplifting - they've got a winning combination if you ask me.

The little tub also recommended a 'Top Tip' that you can use the scrub to wash your hair. Now I must confess I haven't tried this out yet as I'm a bit worried it might just leave me with salty sea water hair - lovely for holidays, but I'm not sure in rainy Glasgow. However, I really should give it a go as it claims that it's ideal for washing hair as all the salt is perfect for adding volume.

One top tip that I can offer though is use this scrub before you tan and it goes on lovely and smooth. But, if tans not for you once you've dried off from the shower slather yourself in moisturiser and enjoy your brand new baby soft skin!

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