Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pastel Brunches

The hat came out to brunch!

I vowed to wear my hat more often and I can tell you this much I'm not finding it hard.

After filling up on pizzas and cocktails the night before our tummies were rumbling again and our heads feeling a little peaky, so brunch seemed like the best option on a Saturday morning.

These are my favourite summer trousers. Affectionately known as my 'toothpaste' trousers, after a certain person noted their resemblance to colgate, the pale pastel mint colour is lovely for the sunshine. They really brighten up an outfit as another option to jeans - and as I find them a bit more difficult to wear in chilly winter months I try and wear them as much as possible come Spring and Summery times.

If you have a beady eye you might recognise this top as I have the exact same one in yellow! The cut was so flattering I was pleased when I unwrapped the white version as a present a while ago. The light-weight material is pretty and floaty and easy to wear, with the seam down the middle complementing the wide collar.

Although the sun was trying to break through it was not quite the South of France yet and I had to throw on a wee cardy. The camel colour of this one works perfectly with the pastel mint and is ideal with the brown brogues. It would also have looked nice with some wee brown sandals, but I was worried about my tootsies getting cold so we'll save them for another day!

Pop on a wonderful hat - such as this one - a big gold chain necklace and get ready to eat the bacon!

We didn't have to go far and nipped over to cafezique for a good breakfast to get us going.

Zique is a great little place on Hyndland Street, in cafezique there's a whole tonne of lovely breakfast food to choose from as well as a lunch menu and drinks, while next door there's delizique with lots of amazing treats on offer. Cafezique was busy and bumbling and had a family-feel about it, helped by the friendly staff.

I opted for Eggs Benedict with bacon and green tea - call me odd but I love it when you get a glass tea pot and you can see the leaves floating about - but anyway, there was also toast and scrambled eggs with bacon on the top and french toast with, you guessed it, more bacon.

Cafezique is a delightful little spot for breakfast and we were all satisfied and filled up, ideal to spend the next few hours wondering round the shops...

Hat - Topshop
Cardigan - Zara
Top - H&M
Trousers - Topshop
Brogues - New Look
Necklace - Primark

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