Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hands Up Who Loves a Pleated Skirt?

Always thought you couldn't pull something off? My advice - give it a go and you may surprise yourself!

I don't know why it took me so long to come around to the pleated skirt. I always thought people looked amazing wearing them and they were amazing for making you look so chic without even trying, but I'd convinced myself they were something that I just wouldn't be able to pull off.

And then I gave in. Tried a couple on and fell in love.

I love the midi length. I'm not really one for shorter skirts and I mean how often do you really get the chance to get your legs out in Glasgow. But the longer length gives you a bit more coverage and makes it really easy to wear whatever the weather.

Swish, swish!

The pleats just add a little detail and give it some structure and shape allowing you to twirl around! This particular one is also a little heavier and the material has a kind of shine to it, which makes it perfect if you need it for a bit of a dressier affair.

Of course I paired it with a breton top. I mean what's an outfit without a little stripe!

With your top I don't think you want it to be too baggy, just to give you some shape. It's also nice to tuck it in to the waist of the skirt to, again, give the outfit more of a silhouette and to stop the skirt from just looking like it's hanging.

Add some ankle boots and you're good to go!

I kinda want one in every colour now...

Top - New Look 
Skirt - Primark 
Boots - Dorothy Perkins 

x x x 

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  1. How!! looks so beautiful young lady I cherished your style. particularly the creased skirts looks so lovely.
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