Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Burnsyde Beach House: The Weekend

How we spend weekends escaping - plenty food and plenty wine!

Did you check out my post all about the fabulous Burnsyde Beach House?

But how do we while away a weekend in a place as gorgeous as this...

On Friday we all arrived from various points across the country - Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. It's always so exciting whenever my sisters and I get together, with the other halfs in tow, we turn into a bunch of giggling girls so excited to spend the weekend together. And lucky for us when we were eventually all there on the first night the sun was definitely out to play!

So pop the fizz!

Whilst we were waiting on the final two to arrive my sister and I decided to wander down to the beach to take in the view. We were completely overjoyed to find out how close it really was, I really should have counted how many steps it took! We watched the waves rolling in and out before the 'beep beep' of the car horn alerted us to the last load arriving.

Once all the fizz had been consumed outside we headed in for an amazing 'picnic dinner' that the boys had pulled together.

This is one of our favourite meals. All different kinds of bruschetta, delicious meats and cheeses and of course a couple of bottle of the most mouth-watering vino. We all pulled up a pew on the big wooden table and dug in. The best thing about it as well is that you can sit and watch the sun go down behind the cliffs as the evening sets in. We sat for hours, joking, catching-up, laughing uncontrollably and every now and again pausing to admire the spectacular scenery once again.

The next morning was all about a little bit of laziness.

We woke up to the rain pattering on the window and although this wasn't ideal it did mean that we could have a perfectly slow Saturday morning, just enjoying the house and spending some time relaxing. And the best way to start of a lazy weekend morning? Breakfast!

With mimosas of course...

The rain started to slow down, so we decided to was time to head out for a week and explore the beach.

It was a little windy as we wandered down the pier...

We walked along the pier, taking in the views and watching the sea rolling in and out.

There's something so blissful about spending an afternoon on the beach, even if the sun isn't beaming. I may have needed wellies to go paddling, but it was still perfection. We skimmed rocks, tossed a rugby ball to and fro and picked our favourite shells out of the sand.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

The evening was all about getting dressed up and opening another bottle of fizz!

Cheers to a fantastic weekend!

The boys cooked up another amazing meal. We took a break before dessert to watch the sunset over what had quickly become a favourite place for everyone.

Lets just all take a moment...

We finished off the magical evening with the most fabulous dessert! Can I have another slice now? Please?

We couldn't have asked for a better night.

The next morning the sun came out and we had time for one last breakfast outside.

I completely fell in love with Burnsyde Beach House and we all left planning our next visit. It's the most perfect place to spend a weekend with your favourite people - thank you to my favourite people for making it so special! It's the most fabulous house to spend the days relaxing in, playing games and cooking up some fabulous food.

Burnsyde thank you so much for having us - we'll be back!

x x x

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