Thursday, 9 March 2017

Two of My Favourite Things

I love it when two of my favourite things come together - stripes and florals!

Ok so you already probably know that I have a thing for stripes - and if you didn't well hey I love stripes! Basically they form the base of pretty much every outfit I love. My BF always laughs at me when I'm doing the ironing (yes I'm a grown-up) because pretty much every item always seems to be stripes. They're just so easy to wear and make me feel instantly all French and chic - oh lala!

And when I can wear them with my second favourite thing, florals, then I know I'm on to a winner!

This particular stripy top, in my arsenal of breton designs, is a goodie. It's a slightly thicker material and is almost more woollen, but not quite. Basically it's just a bit cosier than a standard cotton top. This makes it perfect for the slightly chillier weather that we still seem to be having (hurry up Spring!) Because I'm a constantly cold person I also popped a top on underneath for an extra layer. The relaxed fit of it means that, if like me, you need some extra warmth it works as a lighter-weight jumper.

Are we all just taking a second to admire the skirt!

(Fake) leather and florals - it's such a star!

I've been spotting the 'embroidery on leather' look a lot lately and I can't lie I kind of love it. You may think they make quite an unlikely pair, but opposites do tend to attract. Gucci has definitely inspired the high-streets take on intricate embroidery and it's surprisingly easy to wear. The beautiful sewn blooms add a feminine touch to the leather, without being overly girlie and make the tough fabric a little softer and more fun. It's just a cute little spin to give your look a bit of an update.

And if thats not enough pattern for you how about a little leopard print?

I got this sweet little bag for Christmas and I'm in love! It's just big enough for my phone, a sized-down purse and, of course, a tube of lipstick. I was actually admiring it in the shops with my Mum when little did I know that Santa (my lovely Gran) had already made a purchase from Marks and Sparks for under the tree. Stripes love a bit of leopard print and this bag is subtle enough to be worn with the combination of florals and breton too. It's also completed with the ring detail that I've been admiring on a whole plethora of bags.

Plain black boots are all you need in the footwear department and don't forget the hat for a little 'je nai sai quoi'!

x x x

Hat - Forever 21 
Top - Topshop 
Skirt - River Island 
Boots - New Look 
Bag - Marks and Spencer 

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  1. Beautiful inspirational photos! :)
    kisses from Italy