Monday, 27 February 2017

The Duchess of Argyle

Arriba! Are you ready for a Mexican party in Glasgow!

Welcome to The Duchess of Argyle!

Finneston is a bit of a hot spot in Glasgow just now and every week it seems like some new and fabulous place makes an entrance. The Duchess of Argyle has just opened up right in the thick of it all. As Kained Holding's latest offering it serves up authentic Mexican food and some scrumptious tequila cocktails in a gorgeous old-style pub, complete with it's own twists.

This is a place that's all about fun.

The unique spot fuses an old Victorian boozer into a Mexican party bar. It's atmosphere is all busy and buzzing, everyone is there to have a good time and whilst sipping on slushy margaritas with the music lifting your spirits it's pretty hard not to. It's a place to go to enjoy yourself with friends and have a little fiesta!

We were greeted with the most delicious cocktails as soon as we walked in the door and that definitely set the tone for the evening....!

The Duchess of Argyle aims to serve up authentic Mexican food for you to enjoy. We ate a delicious selection of jalapeƱo poppers and chicken wings before the main event - the tacos arrived. Just so good. If this is your kinda food you're simply not going to get any better. The beef, chicken and even langoustine tacos were all sublime and we couldn't get enough of it.

The food here isn't you sub-standard mexican food that you can sometimes find in other restaurants it's all about being authentic and traditional. The menu is filled with tacos and street food dishes that will definitely get your mouth-watering.

And it's not just food... what's a party without a little drink!

The party bar hosts a Tapatio Tequila Margarita Machine to get you into the spirit of things. There's a delicious cocktail list filled with all kinds of delicious sounding drinks and of course an amazing selection of tequila concoctions. We also got the chance to sample some Mexican wine, which I've never tried before. I'm not 100% sure it's going to take over from my favourite vineyard tipples just yet, but it was tasty in its own right and went perfectly with the tacos!

The decor also won me over in the bar. It's all traditional, old-man pub with some amazing twists.

The bar sits at the end inviting you to place your order and luxurious looking booths with dimly lit chandeliers entice you to settle in for the night. But, it's the little quirks that really make this place. The bar is hung with a selection of old-fashioned paintings, as you may expect in an old boozer, but there's a twist. Celebrated street artist Rogue One has added his touch and the gentry gallop through fields, not on horses but n polar bears! They stop off in the local inns taking a break from their skateboard journeys. It's just another element of fun that really adds a bit of wonder to the place.

Kained have heralded The Duchess as "something different from anything else in the city" and its been put together in order to "surprise and delight" as a "traditional Victorian boozer that's been transformed into a brash and accessible Mexican party bar."

For me I'll definitely be back at The Duchess. It's the perfect place to celebrate the end of the week on a Friday evening or for a Saturday night out with the ladies. Revel in the party atmosphere as you fill up on tacos and order far too many tequila drinks! It's somewhere to have fun!

Thanks so much for having me along to the Press Launch and see you soon!

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  1. I love mexican food so this place looks right up my street. The tacos look delicious - I'm craving them now! <3

    Gisforgingers xx