Sunday, 20 December 2015


So much Christmas cheer!

As I jet off to Switzerland to see my family for Christmas the BF and I decided to have our own little Christmas day! I popped on a cosy christmassy jumper - complete with jingle bells! - slicked on some red lips and was ready for some early presents! We headed out for a big Sunday lunch and then curled up with Love Actually and chocolate - I'm now even more excited for the real day!

But, before I head off I had to wrap up all the presents to go under the tree at home. This paper is gorgeous and sparkly. The glitter gets everywhere, but I'm not complaining!

I also popped up a special festive post for you lovely lot. As I was packing up my suitcase I got to thinking about all the essentials you need for Christmas. Think sparkly clothes, festive make-up, cosy jumpers and everything in between.

My #tbt was a memory from three years ago - time flies! Christmas is a time for dressing up and I can't wait to get all dressed all fancy again this year.

I love how everywhere is transformed at Christmas time into a special, sparkling place. Glasgow always looks so pretty with strings of fairy lights draped from building to building. I wandered down below them, picking up last minute gifts with the brass band playing carols nearby. It was just so christmassy and sparkly!

And the best bit about Christmas is spending time with my favourite people! This was a couple of Christmasses ago with my sisters - who also feature in my latest post -I'm so excited for Christmas day to come around soon. We'll unwrap stockings, eat all we can and giggle over games of charades - how long until Santa comes?

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