Sunday, 13 December 2015


All I needed was some girlie days and a little bit of relaxation...

Girls Day Out - yaaa! I was lucky enough to be treated to some tickets to the annual Girls Day Out in Glasgow, myself and a friend wandered down on a miserable Sunday and were quickly cheered up when we wandered into the pinkest space I've ever been in! We checked out the shows and marvelled at the bargains - I've popped up a post to tell you all about it!

Last Saturday I headed through to Edinburgh for a festive day with my sister. We went to the Edinburgh Christmas market and sipped on mulled wine whilst watching the ice skaters, float (and fall) below. It was such a lovely christmassy day and got me right in the festive mood. 

After the market to was prosecco time, of course. We jumped into 99 Hanover Street in Edinburgh when the rain started. I love a place that's got the prettiest decoration and how wonderful is this ceiling! Of course it called for an instagram snap. We chinked glasses and chatted about what we hoped Santa would bring us this year. 

How awful has the weather been lately! When I woke up at the weekend it was like a tornado outside and I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry. The only way to spend rainy mornings is to have a cup of tea delivered to your bedside and curl back up under the duvet with a good book and know that you don't have to face the gale outside. 

Recently I went along to a lovely event in Neal's Yard Remedies gorgeous shop in Glasgow. It was an evening filled with all kinds of treats and I couldn't wait to share all the loveliness with you! They have so many amazing natural products and their gift sets for Christmas are just perfect.

Sisters are simply the best. And I came home from a miserable day to find a little unexpected parcel poking through the letterbox - it was this scrumptious little cookie from my sister! It was the cutest surprise ever and cheered me right up! Thanks big sister!

As I mentioned earlier we went along to Girls Day Out and I wrote all about it for you lovely lot! Think some funny dance troops, amazing bargains and some fashion shows. This was the Warehouse Fashion Show and it was great to give you ideas before you popped off to their stall to enjoy the 25% off on offer.

Red lips and breton stripes - what more do you need?!

After the event at Neal's Yard Remedies we were treated to a little goodie bag and hidden inside was this gorgeous gift set. A wrote a review all about it, sharing how much I loved it. It's the most relaxing combination, just perfect to unwind with.

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  1. I am desperate to try Neals Yard Remedies and the shop looks so beautiful!!The girls day out show looks like so much fun too xxx