Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weekend Wardrobe: Saturday

I took a trip to see my favourite blog photographer - my little sister!

Packing for the weekend takes a little bit of prep if you want to travel lightly. I like to lay out the exact outfits I'm going to wear for each day - down to every last detail, underwear, earrings and all! This makes it easy to see what you need and gets you ready for each day meaning you don't end up with a bag rammed with mismatched pieces.

Saturday was girls day out - woo! Movies, shopping, dinner and lots of chit chat!

It's nice to get just a little dolled up in your glad rags for a wee day out and I've found myself living in monochrome lately - if it ain't broke and all that.

As a dressy alternative to jeans pop a pair of faux-leather trousers. These ones a surprisingly comfy and look great during the day and on a night out.

A soft biker-style casual jacket looks ideal over a long, baggy black vest.

Gold studded ankle boots, big statement rings, dark lips and initial earrings - just call me Kim K - add all the details you need.

Of course, a cosy jacket is needed on top for the chilly winds in Aberdeen and this one is a big bobbly fashion hug!

All that's left to do is get the cocktails poured!

Coat - Primark
Jacket (black and white) - River Island
T-Shirt - New Looks
Trousers - River Island 
Boots - Forever 21
Ring - Forever 21
Earrings - Primark

P.s Stay tuned for Sunday!

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