Sunday, 1 February 2015


Ok, so this is more like Insta-Month, I've been so snappy happy and away for so long - but it's a nice long one filled with some pretty pictures and fantabulous times!

I flew home to Switzerland for the festive period and we danced up to the mountains to hide-away in the snow for a week or so. This was one of the more perfect days on the mountain and after spending a morning on the slopes we ate in the most wonderful restaurant with blue skies above us and imposing views around us - cheers to that!

Ok so this post is a bit out of date - buuuuut Christmas calls for sparkly nails, my most favourite kind! I layered a clear glitter polish on top of a gold metallic for the most glittery nails you could get. This combination lasted for ages and I sparkled all through Christmas time.

And after an excited Christmas eve the Buchanan sisters celebrated Christmas day - this is after we'd torn off the paper of our Santa presents like the big kids we are.

After Christmas day we headed back to the slopes, but I unfortunately did something funny to my knee and had to retreat back to the comfort of the couch. So I pulled on fluffy socks - very gently! - snuggled up in a tartan rug and loaded up Suits on Netflix. I got a little addicted to the series and could binge watch them for hours!

While I had some down-time away from the skis I did get the chance to catch up with some blogging and wrote about a lovely little trip to TriBeca, check it out HERE.

Soon it was time to make our way back down the mountain, so we decided to make a day of it and head to France for some lunch. It was just fabulous - I'm not exaggerating, have a LOOK YOURSELF. Lunch in France called for yet another cosy polo neck, a fluffy cardigan, dark lips and of course, some very pretty vintage earrings. After lunch we wandered around the market that was going on in the village, it was gorgeous, glittering in the chilly winter air.

Before I jetted off home we donned our glad rags, got all dressed up and headed out. I got the above dress for an amazing £16, yes £16!!! From Oh My Love. It's full length black with a slit up one leg and cut-out detail at the top. With big sparkly chandelier earrings and dark berry lips it was perfect.

Soon it was back to work and the festivities were over - boo! I had to take my glittery nails off for some more office-appropriate wear, but it did give me the chance to try out my new No7 varnish, Heather Mist. It's a really nice shade and I think I'll find it'll soon become my 'go-to' polish.

It didn't take me long to start pining for the amazing days on the mountain - but it wasn't long till I would be back. Could this scene really be anymore perfect - no filter needed!

Don't worry though. It wasn't long till I was off again and after a week back at work we headed back to Switzerland for a week to celebrate the legendary Lauberhorn race. Airport essentials are pictured here - my Longchamp bag to keep everything together, a cosy scarf to wrap up in, a magazine to keep me entertained and my passport, obviously!

The very next day we headed to the pistes and enjoyed the snow again - we couldn't have been happier! It wasn't long before my big sister joined us and we finished the days with a few drinks once the slopes were closed!

A throwback to Switzerland in the summertime! We climbed up to the top of the Schilthorn - where James Bond 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' was filmed dontcha know - and admired the view, but for all you fans of high heels out there, sorry but they're banned!

I've had a pretty busy time lately moving flats, packing boxes and then lifting them up and down stairs and then unpacking everything all over again! But finally it was done and we were both too knackered to go out and celebrate so the evening called for pyjamas, pizza, Harry Potter and a bottle of fizz - we needed some bubbles to celebrate after all!

I finally got back on the blogging bandwagon after a break over the holidays and shared with you my fabulous afternoon in France, with a mouth-watering meal in a beautiful French village. Have a nosey HERE.

Until next time!

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