Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Mountains Are Calling

Time to head to one of the most beautiful places in the world and visit the mountains!

This year for Christmas I headed to Switzerland to spend some time with my family. My parents live in the most beautiful place, a little village in the Swiss Alps called Lauterbrunnen. Every time I go I just can't wait to see the awe-inspiring views and relax in the Swiss mountain air. It's just bliss.

The weather was not exactly the white Christmas I'd been dreaming of, but that wasn't going to stop us having the most fabulous time. We climbed up the cog railway to the nearest ski village, Wengen. It's one of the prettiest and most charming ski resorts. As the home of downhill skiing since the Victorian times it's filled with the most old, romantic hotels with colourful shutters and amazing views. After strolling around for a while it was soon time for a hot chocolate stop. We found the loveliest terrace and sipped on rich hot chocolates enjoying the winter sunshine.

But we weren't going to let the green ground stop us from strapping the skies on!

The next day we climbed high above Wengen to find some slippery slopes that had some snow - yaaaa! We had a fantastic day gliding and sliding down the slopes, whooping and hollering as we went. One of the most amazing things at the top of one of the chairlifts is the view.

We can see the fluffy clouds below as we revel in the blue skies of the winter sunshine and can see for miles, How beautiful is it!

I'm definitely a happy little bunny when I'm skiing!

After a few speedy runs it was time for a break. We parked up outside so that we could enjoy the fabulous views and the amazing blue skies. Sunglasses and the fluffiest jacket was needed as our legs took a well deserved break.

I actually got this ski jacket for Christmas andI LOVE IT! It's a Nevica jacket and is just the cosiest. The best bit about it, is without a doubt the oh-so-fluffy hood, how amazing is it!I just absolutely adore it and I mean it just screams for a fluffy selfie doesn't it!

It wasn't long before the sun slipped behind the mountains and the ski day was over.

But the best way to recover, a nice cold glass of something sparkling...

We made the short journey down to Bern to relax after our day on the slopes. Bern is one of the most enchanting cities.Every time I go I fall a little bit more on love with the charm of the place. And this time the best bit was the amazing Winter Bar we found tucked away at the top of the shops.

Filled with sheepskin rugs and the most beautiful decorations it's the perfect place to relax, feed on fondue and giggle away at the stories from the slopes. I love glittering little gems like this that make you gasp in delight when you turn the corner, finding a new treasure in a city you're already head over heels for.

Please don't take me away...

Another fantastic holiday in a country that continues to be one of the most magical places I've ever been to. Switzerland I'll be back soon!

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