Thursday, 6 October 2016

Girls Day Out: Bloggers Eve

An evening of girlie pampering and exclusive insights? Sign me up!

Last year I popped along to the Girls Day Out in Glasgow and had just the loveliest, girly time, so when I was invited along to Bloggers Eve to prepare us all for the event this year I was there in a shot. The evening gave us the chance to hear from some of the exhibitors that will be there this year, as well as a touch of pampering and plenty of girlie wonderfulness!

We all gathered at the Metropolitan Bar in Merchant City and I was just absolutely delighted by what I found!

The tables were laden with the most delicious looking afternoon tea from Metropolitan. The three tiers of the cake stands were decorated with the most scrumptious cakes and scones. I mean you just can't go wrong with a scone smothered in cream and jam. Heaven. Of course a couple of sandwiches had to be enjoyed first and everything was washed down with some bubbles.

Once all the beauty bloggers of Glasgow were gathered we were off!

After an introduction to Girls Day Out and what it means Fake Bake took to the floor. The world's largest independent tanning brand chatted us through their revolutionary products and explained how they're always developing what they're offering. Fake Bake is a really luxurious brand and using their own premium ingredients they are experts on giving you the most wonderful glow!

Next up was F.A.C.E. the semi-permanent and cosmetic make-up studio. Now semi-permanent make-up is something I really know nothing about, so I was excited to hear from the experts in the business! Over the past few years there's definitely been a rise in the popularity of semi-permanent make-up, so it was intriguing to hear how it's changed in the past few years. The lovely founder of F.A.C.E. explained how it's all about enhancing your features and why it's so popular.

The third speaker was from somewhere we all know, Urban Decay, the brand we all know and love. Urban Decay "mixes  femininity, audacity and fun" creating a brand that has become loved by beauty bloggers and make-up junkies alike. They're amazing range of products are all experimentation and they've got one of the biggest shade ranges in the industry. They really are beauty products that have a huge following and are so loved!

Last, but not least was Urban Hair and Beauty an award-winning salon that definitely knows the trade inside out. The lovely ladies talked over the trends that they predict will be in the coming seasons, as well as describing the 'three-bobble trick' that's just a wonder! It's clear that these ladies have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to hair and they definitely knew what they were talking about!

To finish off the evening we were able to have a wander round and get to know the exhibitors better!

Massage and Glow got themselves set up and I had the most relaxing massage that was just bliss, as the noisy room melted away. I also stopped by Yerba Water, the latest drink in health and nutrition. In a nutshell it's kind of like green tea, but better! Boosting your energy levels it's the perfect addition to a fit and healthy lifestyle - plus it was actually pretty tasty!

You also couldn't miss the amazing hair-dos that were going on and go course the mountain of make-up!

It was just the perfect girlie evening and definitely got me excited for the show! It was so good to meet some of the people that will be exhibiting on the day and getting a taste of what they're all about. We were absolutely spoilt and it was the loveliest, most indulgent and luxurious night, so thank you so much for having me along!

If this has got you all excited for Girls Day Out, this year it will held on 2-4 of December and you can already grab your tickets if you just can't wait!

**** This is a collaborative post, but all girly view are my own

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