Friday, 22 July 2016

HMV - Desert Island Discs

There's some tunes that just take you back to summer!

HMV recently asked me to put together a post about my top summer songs and I got thinking about the iconic music store. I always remember spending hours and hours in HMV flicking through the hundreds of CDs and picking out my favourites. There's something lovely about flipping through CDs and DVDs until you find the perfect one and something impressive about shelves stacked with a library of music.

With over 120 stores across the UK the iconic 'dog and trumpet' brand began in 1921. Throughout the years they helped everyone listen to music, from sheet music and gramophones to cassettes and CDs. And here's my top summer songs that you're bound to find amongst all the musical treasure. There's tunes that make me think of warm summer evenings, sunsets on the beach and even family holidays in the sunshine - love them!


I just adore Adele and you can always find me belting out her songs (all be it not very well). I love her latest release as it's got a little bit of a boppier beat. It makes me want to have a mojito in hand and starting to shoogle in a deck-chair or be in a sunny park relaxing on a lazy afternoon. I love how it's a bit more pop and upbeat and with an almost reggae beat it's the perfect summer song.


I just can't pick a song from this album I really, really, love, love, love it all! Ben l'oncle Soul is a wonderful french man who released his self-entitled album in 2011 and it's just an absolute gem. It's got an amazing summer, soul vibe and I could listen to it anywhere and anytime the sun's out - or even in the summer rain! With the beautiful french lyrics it's got a European feel and makes me feel all classy. With covers, upbeat jazzy songs and something slower it's got something for every mood and is just perfectly relaxing and happy.


What's summer without a little reggae?! Bob always makes me want to me to be perched at a beach bar, tanned to perfection and sipping cocktails as the sun goes down over the beach. However, it also takes me back to childhood holidays! My Dad always blasted this song through the house when we were on holiday, waking us up for another day splashing about in the pool! Bob Marley is just quite a legend and everyone can't help but bop along to his reggae beats as the sun sets on a gorgeous summer day.


This is a song that I hear on the radio constantly and I just can't help but sing along - I'm sure my workies are sick to death of hearing me try and get the words right! It makes me want to be dancing about on the beach, it's just a little bit of a party in a song. It's something a bit lighter, brighter and sunnier that's got a bit of Motown inspiration behind it, has a dancing rhythm and just makes me smile! Plus you know, it'll help you with the language barriers in your chosen destination!


When I was picking my summer songs I don't know what made me think of this one, but I just exclaimed 'awww remember this?! I loved this song!" It makes me want to be riding through a sun-speckled park with freckly shoulders. It's relaxed summer night that are sunny, carefree and wonderfully relaxed - just how you want to feel. It takes me back to a long lazy, summer holidays from school and warm, balmy, summer evenings when there was nothing else to do but relax with friends. It's just really lovely, easy and perfect summer listening.

Thanks for asking me to put this post together HMV - it brought make some lovely summer memories! What's your top summer listening?

** This is a collaborative post, but all fabulous (or terrible depending on how you look at it!) choices are my own 

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  1. Aww girl put your records on is such a summery, sing-along song! I love it <3

    Gisforgingers xx