Monday, 7 September 2015


Lots of sunshine, beaches and holiday-happenings.

Before I went off on holiday I wanted a new mascara to pack away with my bright lipsticks and bronzer and I was so happy to pop this Lancome Hypnose mascara in the suitcase. I went along to the launch of the range a while ago and now that I've used the mascara on a regular basis I have to admit that I love it! It was light enough for bright, warm days and you could layer it up for a more dramatic nighttime look - I'm a fan!

I can't be the only person who absolutely loves packing for holidays can I?! Once the suitcase was filled with lots of stripes and flowery patterns I decided to decorate my arms with these gorgeous Bare Baroque tattoos. The gold looked amazing in the shimmery sunshine and glowed in the balmy evenings. I don't like to take too much jewellery away with me on holiday, so these were the perfect alternative. I spotted lots throughout the week as well.

And then we arrived! This Coco and Cleo jumpsuit was more than perfect for travelling. The lightweight material and billowing legs were so comfortable and it was just perfect for when we arrived. I won it in a wee FaceyB competition and was so glad at the chance to wear it!

We went with Airbnb for accommodation and I have to admit it was amazing. It meant in the mornings we could relax under blue skies, with magazines, lazing about in pyjamas - now you can't do that at a breakfast buffet. This is definitely how every Monday morning should start.

And then to the beach! Afternoons on holidays should be spent by the sea, big, ice-cold beer in one hand and your favourite book in the other. I took Captain Corelli's Mandolin away with me. It is definitely my all-time favourite. If you haven't read it, please do.

We also went a wander around Hvar, it's such a pretty place, I fell completely in love. I also love the denim pinafore! It's a wee Topshop buy and was so lovely for summery days. I bet I'll wear it all through Autumn and Winter as well.

After a long day on the beach a drink, in quite possibly the chic-est beach bar ever, is definitely called for. We took a boat over to a small island of Parmigiana (I hope I've spelt that right! Kinda sounds like the cheese...) It was gorgeous and we finished the day with a 'cheers' at the nearby Lagonini.

I ended up buying a pair of jelly shoes for when I was away. Some of the beaches were rocky and we spied some sea urchins lurking as well - so these were ideal! Plus they're really damn cute - even if they do make me feel like a 5 year-old again.

After Hvar we headed over to Split for a day or so. We were staying right in the old town and the beautiful buildings that stretched into blue skies made a wander round the sights perfectly gorgeous.

One day we took a boat trip. The blue sky melted into the blue sea and I could've sat for hours and hours with my legs hanging over the edge as we breezed through the clear water. It was one of the most relaxing ways to spend the morning. (I'm trying not to blabber on too much about Croatia as I'm planning a little holiday diary to share with you guys with all the deets!)

Before I share my Croatian adventures with you, I had to get you up to date with what I'd got up to whilst I was in Switzerland! I spent an amazing day in the mountains - the views are just extra special and waterfalls thunder down the cliffs beside you. It's truly a special place.

Back in Glasgow I was still dreaming of Hvar - I mean look at that sunset! Why, oh why, did I have to be back to reality?!

I was back on the blogging bandwagon during the week - yaaa! And managed to share the final post from my Swiss holiday. We spent an amazing day in Bern, complete with nautical stripe dresses, plenty of pizza and some aperol spritz to keep us going.

Adventures can happen pretty close to home as well dontcha know. I headed through to Edinburgh to spend the weekend with my little sister and as she works at Holyrood Palace I popped down for the afternoon. The sky was blazing blue and the tumbling down abbey looked so special against the sunny backdrop.

I was going for lunch with friends the next day and I'm not going to lie I got a little lost. Google maps wanted to take me on a lil trek down by the water and through the woods - not ideally when you're lugging along a suitcase. But I couldn't complain for long, as although I was a bit confused, the prettiness of the setting definitely made up for it.

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