Saturday, 23 May 2015

Copper Tones

If you hadn't already noticed copper is everywhere!

I'm one of those people that is constantly dreaming of homeware, taking not so subtle glances through living room windows as I walk buy to see how they've spruced up their living space. And if you hadn't already spotted this trend, copper interiors are popping up everywhere - just scroll through your Instagram and my point is proven. Copper homeware makes your home instantly insta-grammable just now and it can actually be really easily done with lighting, copper wire baskets....

The metal is 'oh so chic' and brings something with a little shine to it into your home, whilst having a more subtle tone to it. It adds a hint of luxurious glamour, giving a tired room a lift and bringing it well up to date. It's soft and warm and can fit into any kind of room. The reddish colour is nice when it's shiny or when it's brushed, glowing in an inviting, welcoming way.

Copper lighting is leading the way with this trend and Next have got it spot on....


There's something about this lighting fixture that screams to me high-class expensive restaurant, but you can add it to your own dining room - even if the cooking is only going to be done in the toaster or microwave. It could become the talking point of your living room, with 7 copper shades hanging down like pendants it is a really unique centre-point. They multiple shades glow making a room feel all romantic and warm, they are all different shapes and hang at different lengths letting the light glow around you. It's perfectly elegant and sophisticated and Elle Deco ain't got nothing on you!



A lamp is a really easy way to add some copper tones into your living space and this one is sleek and simple, but still able to make a statement. It can become a striking feature in a room with the brushed copper details and black fabric shade, adding a luxurious touch to a side-table. The shape of the base is really unique and the beautiful curves contrast wonderfully to the more up-and-down shade. I'd love to try the shade in a different colour, maybe a more creamy colour to give a bedside table a luxury finish.



The shades here all hang at different levels and it creates an image of a luxury, artistic version of a street lamp, well in my eyes anyway, and not in a bad way! It's pretty fuss-free and simple. but still has a 'wow' factor about it. Again I love the shape of the curved shades, they manage to be soft as well as striking. Plus there's no assembly acquired - music to my ears! I imagine it creates an indulgent ambience that's perfect to relax in with a good book and glass of wine.


I'm away to buy loads of copper lighting...

*** This is a promotional post, but all views are my own. Obvs. 


  1. I'm really loving copper at the moment too, I'll have to remember to pop in to Next and have a look! x

    1. It just looks so good doesn't it! I'm going to be filling my flat with lamps, baskets, pans....

      Thanks for reading lovely! xxx